Eve Kawadza unveils designer label

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Eve Kawadza unveils  designer label Eve

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Tawanda Matanhire Arts Reporter
Upcoming sizzling Jazz sensation Everjoy Takudzwa Kawadza simply known as Eve Kawadza, has unveiled a designer label called EK which specialises in a range of household products.

Kawadza’s range of products includes cooler bags, car bins, sling bags and other merchandise featuring black, white and red as the signature colours.

The 27-year-old started off her music career at Chipawo and also took part in UMOJA and Open Mic at the Book Café and began to perform professionally at live shows in 2011.

She is taking a different trajectory, though.

“Most artistes who come up with labels are on clothes especially T-shirts, so I felt there was need to do something different yet relevant in our context that’s why I came up with the idea,” said Kawadza.

She notes that the economic environment in the country is tough — and artistes are not spared.

Female artistes, often lacking support from promoters, need to diversify and do other things to earn a living and also promote themselves for survival in the industry, she says .

“It is tough in the industry, most of my clients are corporates and they are not prepared to pay as much as we need as a band but as professional artistes we wouldn’t want to short-change our clients by diminished standards so we have to do anything in our capacity to make it work,” Kawadza said.

“I opted for other ways to promote myself before I could approach anyone for support,” she added.

Kawadza is also a music teacher at the French School and vows to continue to do more to promote her music talent which is her first love.

Growing up in a family of five girls, she had a dream of becoming a medical doctor and her parents did not support her very much when she got into music.

With time, though, they found it worthy because of the effort she would put into it and the rewards that came with it.

“I resorted to doing things I love the most and I was an average student in school and could not do much in that area but as for music I would want to do more because that’s where my heart belongs,” said

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