Evangelist Bwanya inspires Lovezh

Evangelist Bwanya inspires Lovezh Lovezh


Vongai Mbara Arts Reporter
Rising contemporary musician, Lovezh says his latest track; “Ndawana Mufaro” was inspired by Bulawayo-based evangelist Lillian Bwanya of Gospel for All Nations Ministries.

“Ndawana Mufaro” is a gospel track from his album, “Farai Nesu” and it is about finding joy in Christ. Though he does not mention Bwanya by name in the song, Lovezh says “Ndawana Mufaro” stems from the inspiration that he got after hearing a sermon by the Gospel for All Nations Ministries’s leader.

“As a musician, you get inspired; you see things and you sing about the things. One day, I was listening to a sermon by evangelist Bwanya and I was so touched by it and I drew my inspiration from it. Knowing Christ has brought joy into my life and I am a free man,” said Lovezh. “Ndawana Mufaro” has definitely taken the musician to new heights as he is now being invited to perform at churches.

“I have done several other songs and I also collaborated with Andy Muridzo. “However, this song is my favourite because it has a positive message and it is spreading the word of God. This song is the main reason churches are inviting me to perform and I feel much honoured,” he said.

The musician has been working on shows to promote his album and is already strengthening his brand on the local market.

“As a rising artiste, I am working on promoting my music and I can achieve this through shows. I want my music to be distributed throughout the nation and even beyond that. I believe that with God, everything is possible,” said Lovezh.

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