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Etiquette rules you should never break

22 Feb, 2020 - 00:02 0 Views
Etiquette rules you should never break The rest-room is the appropriate place to freshen up.

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Fashion

Smile — it’s a long weekend for some.

The rains  continue to pour on and off but that does not stop you from slaying, I mean, looking fashionable!

I was having a chat with a colleague of mine during lunch time this week having seen a young lady —(whom I think was in her mid 20s), spitting along First Street Avenue, CBD.

Yes, you read it right! Along First Street, which I can equate to Fifth Avenue, Manhattan in United States, where dreams are made.

Both my friend and I were shocked, I won’t mention names because it would be unethical to do so without her consent — LOL.

What surprises me was the courage the young lady had in spitting in CBD, yet alone we always complain that we need a clean city.

This then lead me to write about grooming and deportment.

We were all raised differently but more the same a rule is a rule, even fashion has etiquettes too.

Respecting other people is the first common sense approach when it comes to following social etiquette.

According to popular blogger and writer Mei Mei Song, the modern day sartorial etiquette subject is admittedly a hard one to approach, in fact, it has been debated for a while as the word “fashion”, defined in the Oxford English dictionary as “a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour”, is very subjective.

By the way just to make it clear, Mei Mei Song was not referring to the strict sartorial dress codes such as when to take off your jacket,  the materials and cuts acceptable in particular occasions, but how to act well in public places.

Anyway, if you are commuting to work you might feel you can catch up on some of your personal grooming on the way.

However, there are some quick rules that do not need a rocket scientist to teach you.

I will point out on a few etiquette rules that one can quickly adapt, the rest like as they say, charity begins at home. You need your mama or to go back to your mama to teach you.

Like I said, I raised the issue after what I noticed. Also at the workplace, some people do complain over little things that we take for granted.

Some of the etiquette measures that you should move around with in your pocket include:

Flossing teeth — Well I have noticed this quite often after having lunch. Some people do floss their teeth in public without covering the mouth, or play around with a toothpick. It is a no, hence it’s just better if mouths are kept closed.

Cleaning out your ears. The only wax that we can get down with is the kind that makes up our scented candles. Some people take out the refill from the barrel of a pen and gets busy cleaning their wax in public and after that they check on the wax and put the refill back in the barrel. Spare a thought for what you do while donning that suit or nice costume, you degrade yourself. Please do not do that.

Popping Pimples out. This is just like flossing teeth. Please do not pop out your pimple in public, not only is this gross, but you can potentially do more harm to your skin by busting that zit.

Spraying perfume and putting on full make up. Ladies it’s time to get real. You may be a girl that adores floral scents, but the guy sitting next to you could get into a heap of trouble with his lady if he returns home smelling of Lancôme La Vie Est Belle L’Eau de Parfum. Again we can appreciate a stylish compact, but there is no need to whip out your tiny mirror and give everyone else a makeup tutorial. Use the bathroom, somehow that is why there are mirrors in ladies rest-rooms more than in gentlemen’s. Moreover, ladies, curling your lashes in a bus, at the canteen or in a queue in a supermarket is a No!

Why would anyone risk using a potentially dangerous tool near one’s eyes in a queue or bus?

Removing nose hairs. If we do not want to see what is lurking inside your snotty tissue, what makes you think we would want to know what is going on up your nose? Let us not talk much about that because even at nursery school or crèche or those who grew up herding cattle can still know this because they were taught that too.

Applying deodorant. My colleague Roselyne always emphasises on this point — it is disrespectful to subject your neighbour to a whiff of your underarm funk even if you’re handling the situation.

On to fashion etiquette, thanks to fashionguide.com0, we have seen a lot of just plain offensive wardrobe choices out and about town — whether it be sloppy, bold to the point of delusional, age-inappropriate, ill-fitting clothing, there are lines, fashion lines in this case, that are not to be crossed.

To avoid confronting others’ aesthetic tranquillity, there are some rules too that can help with your wardrobe arrangement and contents.

What is popular will not always work for you. Following trends is a great thing, I particularly encourage the purchase of seasonal items, after all, we all love our fashion and so dressing for yourself is best, but often hard especially when you see someone you admire wearing a certain trend.

You need to understand and accept not everything works on everyone, not even supermodels.

Colour overkill is another aspect

A different range of colours take the runway each season but do not overdo it.

The other day we saw someone in blue shorts, paired with a yellow shirt and green tights and purple heels.

Wear a rainbow on your shirt if you must, but do not wear all the colours of the rainbow.

Over-matching equals sartorial death

Too many colours are bad, but when wearing monotone, there is a thin line between looking great and taking the prize for worst-dressed. A tip is to liven up the monotone by wearing textures preferably not ones that scream and fight for attention when worn together. Till next week, will continue with part two. Tonight all roads lead to Star FM Awards and looking forward to stars on red carpet.

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