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How long does it take to review an EIA study?

The law provides that a response to the submission of an environmental impact assessment report should be done within sixty (60) working days. However, to promote the ease of doing business, the response is being given within 20 working days. If a response is not given within this time the project shall be deemed to have been approved.

NB: For an EIA to work well, it should be considered at the time the project is conceptualised to avoid delays in project implementation on account of the EIA.

Who carries out the EIA study?

The developer shall engage a person independent of the development who is an expert in environmental planning and management services to prepare the environmental impact assessment.

How do I get hold of consultants?

To get hold of consultants log on to our website www.ema.co.zw. EMA has a list of approved consultants that developers should engage for their environmental impact assessments. Environmental Consultancy companies can contact EMA for registration.

How much are the EIA review fees?

The consultant charges a fee for compiling the EIA document and the Environmental Management Agency charges a review fee which ranges from 0.8 to 1.2 percent of the total project cost.

Who should be consulted during the EIA process?

Stakeholder participation is an integral part of the EIA process. Stakeholders to be consulted include any authority, organisation, community, agency or person which or who in her opinion has an interest in the project.

How long is the licence valid for?

The certificate is valid for two years from the date of issue, the Director General can extend the validity of the licence for not more than one year for projects implemented within the stipulated period but not yet complete.

Environmental audits

Project developers are expected to adhere to the contents of the EIA report as far as possible during project implementation.

EMA carries out bi-annual environmental audits to ensure that all projects being implemented are in compliance with the regulations and the provisions of the EIA report.

The developer submits a Quarterly Environmental Monitoring Report on any issues raised in the Environmental Impact Assessment Report or any other issues that arise as a result of the implementation of the project.

Failure to submit quarterly reports will make the developer liable to a fine not exceeding level 14 or imprisonment for twelve months or both such fine and imprisonment.


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