Enterprise VoIP: The future  of global telecommunications

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that enables one to make voice calls using a broadband Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line. VoIP often serves as a foundation for organisations looking to implement unified communication services or convergence.

Today’s customers want a single infrastructure that they can use for voice, video, data and so on. Users expect a single and unified experience regardless of which channel or application they are using to communicate.

Enterprise Voice over Internet Protocol (enterprise VoIP) refers to software that provides Internet telephone capabilities specifically designed to fit the needs of large organisations.

For many organisations, the attraction of enterprise VoIP centres on its ability to integrate other Internet applications with calling features.

Ideally, a caller on enterprise VoIP can simultaneously chat, transfer files, share screens and email through one interface, increasing the depth and ease of communication

The capabilities and cost saving advantages of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) over the traditional telecommunication methods are driving its rapid acceptance as the new global standard for voice communications.

With VoIP, growth is not only being experienced in the advanced world economies but also on a global scale including in countries where infrastructure has been underdeveloped, especially in Africa.

Zimbabwe is one of the African countries that has moved in line with global trends, adopting VoIP technology with companies such as Powertel Communication leading the pack in offering VoIP services.

The adoption of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) services has grown by leaps and bounds in the business arena in recent years, due to its perceived value addition to organizations. VoIP services can reduce capital and other operational expenses, offer advanced features and can work on virtually any device.

Benefit Fact #1: More cost savings for business: Slash your monthly phone bills by as much as 50percent!

VoIP calls are much cheaper than calls made on the publicly switched telephone networks (PSTN).

In Zimbabwe, most corporates are now able to save as much as 50 percent of their monthly corporate telephony bills by using Powertel Enterprise VoIP solutions.

At Powertel Communications, this service comes packaged with free on-net calling, free gateway and free VoIP Soft Switch Installation and Configuration.

The mathematics is very simple- every business requires a cost effective communication tool, and Powertel Enterprise VoIP offers every business that essential cost cutting                        secret.

In a market characterised by high switching costs especially in obtaining telephone equipment and the respective installation charges, this innovation is a welcome development for business.

With costs of calling being as low as $0,09 per minute across networks and free calling on-net, this is the right product for corporate, government & non-government and the growing Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) markets. Corporates can also enjoy the closed user group facility of $9.00 unlimited calling within the 08611 network per each device.

Benefit Fact #2: Enjoy Huge Improvements in Voice Quality
Speed and bandwidth improvements world over, are revolutionizing and shaping both the fixed line and mobile networks. Rapid advancements in technology – particularly the proliferation of high speed data networks the likes of LTE, 5G and so on, implies that the voice quality for customers on VoIP can only improve.

Considering that businesses rely on real-time voice communication much more than households or individuals, voice quality is an essential component of both internal and external calls.

Powertel Communication’s 08611 VoIP telephony service delivers superior quality voice services and related value added services to the customer through the internet protocol technology.

Internet of Things (IoT) and VoIP
According to estimates by Siemens, in 2018, mobile phones are expected to be surpassed in numbers by IoT devices and by 2020, around 26 billion objects will be connected to one another over the Internet. With device connectivity across the Internet now in the zettabytes, enterprise VoIP is expected to play an important role in controlling IoT office automation.

VoIP-enabled phones and other devices will become common tools in the enterprise to perform activities such as reserving desk space for mobile employees or booking space for trade shows.

And in that reserved space, employees could use interfacing IoT mobile apps to control and customize the lighting and setup of their workspace.

With its combined benefits such as huge cost-savings, efficiency, flexibility and scalability, enterprise VoIP deployments can only be poised to grow.

In the age of cost-cutting, organisations can migrate to VoIP systems to their business’ advantage.

Underpinned by value for money promise, Powertel’s Enterprise VoIP not only offers cost savings but enables 360 degree ICT convergence.

Powertel Communications is an Internet Access Provider providing reliable and affordable internet services for business and home, voice solutions, virtual private networking, prepaid electricity top-up service and has ventured into IoT business through the recent unpacking of asset monitoring and fleet management solutions.

Currently Powertel Communications is running a promotion to connect small office, home offices on VoIP to promote the growth of SMEs and has been giving away complimentary direct lines and office handsets.

The company has partnered with IPBX equipment suppliers local and international to rollout VoIP services and the exercise is still ongoing.

For comments, views on this article and assistance on how to sign up for VoIP services, contact [email protected].

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