Emulate youths, President tells Zanu-PF bigwigs

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Emulate youths, President tells Zanu-PF bigwigs President Mugabe

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President Mugabe

President Mugabe

Takunda Maodza News Editor—
PRESIDENT Mugabe yesterday challenged Zanu-PF bigwigs to emulate the unity shown by the Youth League in their organisation of the Presidential Youth Interface Rallies attended by thousands of people and strongly slammed elements angling to succeed him when he was still in charge of the party.


The ruling party has suffered factionalism, believed to be caused by some in Zanu-PF, driven by unbridled ambition to succeed the President.

Addressing thousands of youths gathered at Somhlolo Stadium in Lupane yesterday on the fourth leg of interacting with youths, President Mugabe said Zanu-PF youths had shown unity of purpose, unlike their seniors who were at each other’s throat.

“I want to say to those of us who are leaders, look at what the youths are able to do.

“No fights among them. They are united, firmly united. They could not achieve this without unity. No backbiting. No factions and no desire at the moment to be successors when the President is still there. The youths are saying no!

“The women are saying no! The majority of the people are saying no! Who then is saying yes? Ngubani yena (Who is it)?” he said, to wild ovation from the gathering.

The Zanu-PF First Secretary urged unity in the revolutionary party.

“Okay, well. We are united under Zanu-PF and Zanu-PF has programmes and objectives. It is in Government. It is principled. It is very clear in its principles and in how to achieve those principles.

“I want to thank the party for the unity they managed to put together to achieve what they designed and called Command Agriculture and I want to thank you for responding to the call by the party to join this programme,” said President Mugabe.

Earlier in his opening remarks, President Mugabe said he was overwhelmed by the support.

He said the Youth League organised a number of occasions to show their support for him including the Million Man March to thank him for a good show when he was chairman of the African Union and the regional grouping, Sadc.

“It was an achievement by our party Zanu-PF, so siyabonga kakhulu for that endeavour, which others thought was going to fail.

“They followed this again. They conceived the Interface Programme meeting the President. The President meeting with them province by province and each and every province we have gone to, the phenomenon is the same. Massive people have come out of their houses from far-off centres. Ordinary people to come and meet with the President. This is the fourth province we have covered with the same programme and the success, the victory scored is the same. I want to thank you for coming,” said President Mugabe.

He went on: “But here you have come and here I have come. What is it you have come for? What is it you would want me to say to you? My heart is overwhelmed.

“Overwhelmed by your love and generosity. Overwhelmed again by your belief in me.

“I am overwhelmed by that support, that belief, that confidence. In other words, I am your President.

“In other words, I am happy. I jump about. If I cannot do so with legs, I will do it with my heart. I jump because you are with me. I am also with you.”

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