Empowering private college students


Linet Nyakudya : Cool Writer

The education system in Zimbabwe is made up of two sorts of learners. There are those in what I will call formal schools. These are Government, council, church and trust schools. Then there are what are generally called private colleges which are run by individuals or organisations. Students in private colleges are locked out of many activities that those in formal schools take for granted. For example many private colleges do not have sporting facilities and science laboratories.In many of the colleges there are no serious co-curricular activities like debating and interact clubs.

There are also no educational trips. These colleges are therefore often not invited to be part of whatever schools programmes will be going on in the area.

It is said part of the problem is the lack of discipline displayed by the learners from private colleges.

Looking at these challenges as affected teens together with my school mates we came up with the idea of Inspired Teens.

This is a club we established on February 24, 2016.

Inspired Teens’ mandate is to improve the performance and management of Denmark Training Services teens and others at different institutions across the country.

Our vision is that by 2017 we should be a nationally recognised leadership and club transformation hub.

We hope to help each other and other teens learn life skills like team work, responsiveness, accountability, professionalism and integrity.

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