Empower yourselves, youths urged

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Empower yourselves, youths urged Chamu Chiwanza

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Sharon Chikowore Mash West Bureau
Youth in Zimbabwe should not bemoan the economic challenges being experienced but strive to empower themselves, businessman and Affirmative Action Group president Mr Chamu Chiwanza has said.

Addressing youths and Chinhoyi University of Technology students last week, Mr Chiwanza said they need to live purposeful lives despite the economic challenges in the country.

The meeting was part of the The Shift Seminar which was organised by former Junior Minister of State for Mashonaland West Denzel Kawanzaruwa, who said the programme aimed at encouraging youth to go beyond their abilities to be successful.

The seminar was held under the theme: “How to live life with a purpose and not just go through it”.

“We are urging all youths in Zimbabwe and the province in particular to live life with a purpose and take it to another level while avoiding on relying too much on Government,” Kawanzaruwa said.

The 18-year-old leader said their programme was apolitical and was inspired by the youthful businesspeople across Zimbabwe who have grown their businesses from scratch.

Speaking during the seminar, Mr Chiwanza said youths are the future of the country and should use what they have to the best, run their own race and should not be affected by the economic situation.

“Our youths are the future. Use what you have to your best and pursue dreams without fear as young entrepreneurs. Mediocrity has become our new standard of excellence. There is nothing you can do to change the current situation but you have to move from inadequacy mentality and aim higher,” he said.

He discouraged youths from abusing the internet and social media which have become a platform to attack each other.

He urged Zimbabwean youths to have an open mind and think beyond the ordinary.

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