Eleana Makombe’s ‘Grateful’ moments revealed Eleana Makombe (centre) on stage at her Grateful Concert.

Tafadzwa Zimoyo in Bedford, UK

If there is one word to describe the just-ended gospel concert held last Saturday in Bedford, United Kingdom, it is “grateful.”

The show dubbed “Grateful Concert” was hosted by United Kingdom-based Zimbabwean singer Eleana Makombe as part of her “thanksgiving theme,” closing the year in style. 

It featured gospel giants, South African veteran star Bishop Benjamin Dube, Minister Micheal Mahendere, Gospel Dj Unlocked and the Cherayis’ (husband and wife Ellard and Sharon). 

What made the event unique was that besides being a “sold out concert” three days prior to the show, there were guests from all over the world and the show was well put.

For a start, this was a litmus test for Eleana as it was her first big show since entering the gospel sector. 

She couldn’t contain her tears of joy on stage after witnessing her grateful moments, with fans chanting her name. 

“This is it,” she said, before belting out her hit songs to the joy of many. 

Confident, bubbly and dressed to nine, Eleana put up a scintillating show as if she was born to do it. 

Of course, it was her show and that was expected, but with giants surrounding her, she gave her fans the value for money. 

“Baba Munashe”, “Tsvaira Moyo,” “Anoshamisa” and “Tenda”, among others, were part of her discography on the night, aided by the magic touch by her producer, McDonald Chidavaenzi (MacDee), who was on the keyboard making sure she was on the right keys. 

With support from husband cum manager, Tinashe, who was always running around, checking everything was going according to script, the Eleana did not want to disappoint her team as they were heartily looking at her each time on stage.

Bishop Benjamin Dube (right) congratulates Eleana and Tinashe Makombe at the just ended Grateful Concert in UK 2.

The climax of the show was when she was joined by Bishop Benjamin Dube, whom she esteems as a father and mentor. 

The duo sang as if heaven was open, with their angelic voices, everyone stood still, proving the presence of the Holy Spirit. 

It was more of a worship night. 

As this was not enough, Bishop Dube blessed Eleana and her husband with words of wisdom, before gifting them with two books and shirts. 

“I didn’t take this journey lightly. I started praying about it the day you invited me here. What I saw was peace. You are blessed and this is the beginning of your new chapter. Well done,” said Bishop Dube. 

It was then announced that Eleana’s next Grateful Concert is scheduled for May 25, 2024, on Africa Day. 

The show saw Nigel Slick Pastor and Mellisa Makwasha as hosts, both sailed flawlessly during their segment. 

For Gospel DJ Unlocked, she had a good day in office during music interludes, as she took fans down memory lane with her playlist, playing tune after tune from gospel greats. 

The young gospel power couple Ellard and Sharon Cherayi, drove the crowd into a frenzy, as they performed. 

They could be the next big thing on the local gospel sector if they remain grounded, with some believing they are already “big.”

They brought “sanity” to the show with their worship songs as they paved way for Bishop Dube, who took over from where they had left off, “calling the Holy Spirit to sanctify the place.” 

Bishop Dube came on stage calm and collected, and in the process won the hearts of many. 

According to script, Minister Mahendere was to close the show, and, of course, he nailed it as usual with his energised performances fit for any international stage. 

Minister Mahendere will always be a minister. 

He had a good day in office as always, keeping his fans on their feet as they do not only danced to his music, but sang along in satisfaction. 

It was more like a karaoke session. 

Also noted were the backing vocalists of Munashe, Rejoice and Robyn who travelled from Zimbabwe. 

Their talent has taken them far as they had to back up the Zimbabwean team. 

One lesson learnt from the United Kingdom is that when it comes to events, punctuality and organised logistics are the norm. 

The sound and lighting were par excellence and there were no hiccups, just that some fans were disappointed for being turned away as the event was sold out. 

Tickets started selling two months ago, with some guests from as far away as South Africa, Zimbabwe and the United States coming to support Eleana. 

It was a grateful show and a memorable one, with guests treated to a red carpet affair and given a gift pack — what Eleana described as a souvenir, although it was an early Christmas gift to her fans.

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