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EDITORIAL COMMENT: Liberation struggle is a fight for life

CHOMBO IGNATIOUSLAST week Zanu-PF secretary for Administration Cde Ignatius Chombo delivered an address at the 7th ordinary congress of the ruling People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA).

He said there were machinations by former colonisers to destabilise Southern Africa through several means such as using religion and funding opposition political parties to effect regime change and to break the bond that binds liberation movements.

Students of history will quickly relate.

Africa fought a hard and arduous struggle for independence which sought to reverse almost a century of colonialism, but no sooner had the countries become independent did the erstwhile coloniser find ways to ensnare Africans again.

The gimmicks have been varied: assassinations here, a coup there or a puppet opposition party that wins power there.

There have also been debt burdens, donor dependency and toxic policy prescriptions all of which have undermined the independence of African countries, freedom, peace and order delivering to us the very antithesis of what Africans aspired for.

It does not take a genius to realise that the former colonisers have not rested in their efforts to keep Africans subjugated. To them it is the fight of their lives to continue stealing and exploiting Africans.

Equally, it must be the fight of Africans to consolidate the gains of independence and keep away the invasive former colonisers.

Liberation movements in Africa and Southern Africa in particular must feel challenged to take the fight to its very end.

Since the former coloniser has not rested and devises new stratagems to undermine and subvert independence, it is more than a political duty of former liberation movements to counter these machinations.

The revolutionary parties must show leadership that ensures that such facets as the wealth and economy of their countries are not only in the hands of the majority, but also that there is sustainability in the transference and enjoyment of this wealth.

The guidance of ruling parties must show an ever continuing body of masses being ready to guard their independence — because they would have something to show for it.

The creativity and leadership of former liberation movements should shine through different situations and especially trying ones, where the risk of a people giving away independence for a mess of pottage is high.

The creativity also entails that ruling parties ensure that they move with the times and be switched to growing needs and trends.

Being the parties that liberated their countries decades ago does not mean that they should be antiquated.

This entails adapting to emerging and growing trends and tools.

The current situation in Zimbabwe where social media has been abused by Western sponsored individuals and interests is a case in point.

It would appear as though the ruling party has allowed some elements to take ownership of a particular tool and its messaging.

The ruling Zanu-PF has the governing ideas — ideas that won it a landslide majority in 2013.

It has all the legitimacy derived from owning such a mandate and having good ideas.

Not taking advantage of new trends and tools can only allow it to be browbeaten even by a tiny minority.

One can imagine the effects of being psychologically bettered — especially in a battle.

One can be sure that the former coloniser will be rubbing his hands in glee when Zanu-PF appears to take body blows even from nonentity sponsored self-picturing individuals. The former coloniser never sleeps.

Liberation movements shouldn’t, either, because it is a fight for life.

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