EDITORIAL COMMENT: Let peace, unity be the watchwords Zimbabwe

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Let peace, unity be the watchwords Zimbabwe General Chiwenga
General Chiwenga

General Chiwenga

THE events leading to the resignation of former President Robert Mugabe this week as Head of State and Government were characterised by scenes that were emotionally charged, developments that needed to be meticulously managed.

Kudos to the military led by Commander of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces General Constantino Guveya Nyikadzino Chiwenga, no civilian was maimed and all Zimbabweans who participated in the marches demonstrated highest levels of political maturity and discipline.

Yes, Cde Mugabe stepped down and President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa stepped up to take the baton, it is our clarion call to all Zimbabweans to heed the Commander-in-Chief and the ZDF Commander’s wise counsel by remaining united, calm and peaceful as a new era dawns for Zimbabwe.

Coming from an era where some people lost their political positions, which were sources of their livelihoods and the bedrock of successes of their businesses, anger might be simmering in the hearts of such people.

At the same time there might be some people overjoyed by the current political developments who might seek vengeance to settle previous political scores following the ascendancy of Cde Mnangagwa to the high office.

Yes, such is politics, there are victors and losers. It is therefore our humble submission to all Zimbabweans that peace, humility and converting swords into ploughshares will help quickly heal the wounds and unite people and together rebuild this great nation.

Those who feel they lost in the political scheme of things must join hands with the winners and continue building the revolutionary party zanu–pf and support those entrusted with levers of power for Zimbabwe to once again become the economic powerhouse of Southern Africa. The message to Zimbabweans by President Mnangagwa ahead of his inauguration yesterday summed it all as the country works on the transitional arrangement which will lead to the new dispensation.

“While this is going on, I implore all Zimbabweans to remain patient and peaceful and desist from any form of vengeful retribution. It is not in the spirit of ubuntu/unhu which characterises the nature of our people.

“Let us not, therefore, allow criminal elements bent on destabilising the peace and tranquillity prevailing in our country, by either settling political scores or social scores outside the ambit of the law. We are all Zimbabweans and let us be exemplary as we work towards the consolidation of our unity and the prosperity of our nation.”

Yes, President Mnangagwa is indeed spot on. There are malcontents out there who are bent on taking advantage of such political developments to commit crimes, thereby disturbing peace-loving Zimbabweans from conducting their normal businesses.

We call upon all Zimbabweans from all walks of life to heed President Mnangagwa’s call for peace and those caught on the wrong side of the law should face the full wrath of law. Zimbabwe should not allow people to commit crime in the name of politics and in the process, soiling political careers of some individuals.

Progressive Zimbabweans have huge expectations and as we move on, it is our clarion call to the people of Zimbabwe to rally behind the new leadership, channel all our material, financial and human resources and support the new leadership for the betterment of our country.

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