Editorial Comment: Guarding the peace to our prosperity

Editorial Comment: Guarding the peace to our prosperity Kudzanai Chipanga
Kudzi Chipanga

Kudzi Chipanga

OVER the past 16 years, Zimbabwe has received bad press at home and abroad over Government’s principled stance to move our independence from the political to the economic dimension.

Stories were contrived, events staged-managed and filmed to be beamed worldwide to buttress the Anglo-Saxon alliance’s bid to give Zimbabwe a bad name prior to hanging it.

But true to the dictum, lies run sprints but the truth runs marathons, the world got to know the true Zimbabwean story culminating in the country winning tourism best destination statuses despite the infantile, self-fulfilling travel warnings issued by western governments.

Zimbabwe managed to withstand the Western barrage because of the peace and unity the country has enjoyed since the cessation of post-independence hostilities with the signing of the Unity Accord between Zanu and PF Zapu on December 21, 1987.

It is a peace that we should jealously guard so that we can move together as one to a great future for our country.

To this end, we condemn, the regrettable scenes we saw yesterday, of running battles between war veterans and the police, as they can be taken advantage of by reactionary forces and disturb the peace that some among us take for granted.

We equally condemn the threats issued by Zanu-PF Youth League deputy chairman Kudzanayi Chipanga threatening violence against the war veterans and The Herald for alleged unfavourable coverage.

We challenge Cde Chipanga to exhibit national consciousness by demonstrating against western governments that continue maintaining a ruinous sanctions regime on Zimbabwe and the First Family. Chipanga had the temerity to threaten to mobilise party youths to demonstrate against The Herald for alleged unfavourable reporting.

At a meeting held at the Harare provincial headquarters on Wednesday, Chipanga threatened to mobilise youths to not only demonstrate but also burn copies of The Herald.

To this end we would like to remind Chipanga and other politicians taking umbrage with The Herald’s coverage of issues that we will not be intimidated by insecure politicians, neither will we be brow-beaten to report issues according to their whims and caprices.

The Herald is a paper of record with clear markers, namely, the Flag as exemplified by President Mugabe, the National Interest as enshrined in our country’s founding values and the peace that is enshrined on our National Flag.

These are our markers and not the depredations of the likes of Chipanga and the Tweeting Professor who has made it his morning ritual to agenda–set against The Herald to abet an as yet unclear agenda.

To Chipanga we give comradely and brotherly advice. Step up to the plate and advance the party cause by displaying your intellect to sell the party ideology to students in colleges and universities. Burning copies of The Herald will not advance the party ideology, if anything, it serves to give the impression of a country in crisis.

Let’s not inflame tempers Comrade, and lets not incite actions we might live to regret for as one eminent poet put it, fire once teased snarls all the way to ash.

For the record, and for the avoidance of doubt, as The Herald, we know that President Mugabe is around. He is in charge on the back of the resounding mandate he received in the 2013 harmonised elections.

We do not hold a brief for anyone in the Zanu-PF succession matrix, and taking a position in support of President Mugabe is not aligning with any faction in Zanu-PF, it is a recognition of his national mandate and the sacrifices he has for Zimbabwe to be.

Zanu-PF’s internal politics is none of our business, the President is as he is the embodiment of Zimbabwe for the duration of his mandate.

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