Edith WeUtonga goes wild Edith WeUtonga and Outspoken
Edith WeUtonga and Outspoken

Edith WeUtonga and Outspoken

Brenda Phiri Entertainment Reporter
It seems the composed diva and contemporary musician Edith WeUtonga is elusively flying away.

Although WeUtonga, born Edith Katiji, has always been confident on stage, she maintained a down-to-earth character in most of her works. A stranger would have been forgiven for describing her as a shy person in social life because she usually carried herself with humility.

Her fans apparently liked the identity, but WeUtonga does not care anymore.

She has popped out of her egg and posted sexually-suggestive photos on her Facebook page in a move that is likely to surprise most of her followers.

The photos were taken in preparation for the release of her single that features poet Outspoken. WeUtonga poses with Outspoken on the photos.

In the shoot, WeUtonga flaunts her full figure, clad in a red mini dress and matching coat.

She is captured in different sexy postures on a brown couch with a guitar and Outspoken.

And she is not apologetic about it.

“I am done being reserved. This is me expressing myself — embracing myself and feeling comfortable in my body. I don’t want to wake up one day and ask myself why I did not try out things. I feel one does not need to be a size zero to wear a mini. I enjoyed the shoot and I will do it again,” she said.

The songstress said there was overwhelming responses to the shoot with some suggesting they were an item with the poet.

“Of course I am happily married. In fact, my husband was directing the photo shoot and was the inspiration behind the sexy look. I have been getting messages on Twitter from people who think there is something going on between myself and Outspoken but that is not so,” she said.

Edith WeUtonga said the look was in-line with her remix single, “Agodoka” that features the poet.

Interestingly, the songstress is lashing out at jealous people who she said try in vain to copy her style.

“The song is about embracing what you have instead of trying to be like me. There can only be one Edith WeUtonga. You can only get hurt by being jealous and hating those who are living their lives,” she said.

However, the sudden U-turn could prove costly for the diva who had established herself as a mature entertainer.

Most of her fans enjoyed her mixture of traditional music and jazz that bore fascinating songs for mature listeners that have moved away from the world of sexy postures and raunchy dancing.

Most of her shows were held in modest venues where WeUtonga would complement the atmosphere by donning long dresses and decent costumes. She would make her fans admire her unique guitar-strumming skills, not her flesh. Now she has other ideas.

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