ED re-engagement inspires Kadoma mayor

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Blessings Chidakwa in Kadoma
NEWLY-elected Kadoma Mayor Councillor Action Nyamukondiwa of the MDC-Alliance has pledged to be a servant leader who will listen to residents.

Cllr Nyamukondiwa said his council will pursue re-engagement with stakeholders in line with President Mnangagwa’s Government thrust.

In his acceptance speech, he said his vision was to restore Kadoma to its golden days when it was a thriving city.

“I would like to thank all councillors for electing me as the mayor,” he said.

“I will be a servant and listening mayor.

“Kadoma has over the years been battling water shortages and poor roads.

“We want to engage in massive road resealing and rehabilitation, especially in areas such as Mashumavale, Mornington and Annex Extension.”

Cllr Nyamukondiwa said illegal pirate taxis and congestion in the city will also be a thing of the past.

“Our transformation agenda as Kadoma City Council will be hinged on the need to increase revenue and contain costs,” he said.

“It is high time we engage various players in meeting the numerous needs of our residents. This will be done through public-private-partnerships.”

Kadoma, said Cllr Nyamukondiwa, should engage other cities outside the country and establish fruitful twinning arrangements.

He said Kadoma needed to mobilise financial support and resources through engagement with foreign cities.

“Government is emphasising the need for re-engagement and we feel that at our level we should engage partners in the international community,” he said.

As the arm of Government closest to the people, Cllr Nyamukondiwa said council workers should re-commit themselves to transforming the city for the benefit of the residents.

The council started on a bad note when most councillors arrived late for the swearing-in ceremony last week, which was scheduled to start 10am.

Only 15 out of 17 councillors managed to take their oath of office and loyalty, with one arriving after the proceedings were done, while another sent an apology.

Sanyati district administrator Mr Amigo Mhlanga and Kadoma Town Clerk Mr Malvern Dondo presided over the ceremony.

Cllr Tendai Kokera was elected deputy mayor unopposed, while appointment of chairpersons of committees was postponed to council’s next sitting.

Cllr Kokera hailed the election of two more women into council from the two that were in the previous council.

“There were two women in the last council, but this time we have two more women coming in, which goes a long way in addressing gender balance,” she said.

Kadoma, Cllr Kokera said, should create business opportunities for local and foreign investors.

Mr Mhlanga said councillors should foster development in the city to meet the expectations of residents.

He took a swipe at councillors for being late for the ceremony, saying it gave a bad first impression.

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