ED declares 2018 year of the people . . . promises to create peaceful, political and socio-economic environment

President Mnangagwa

President Mnangagwa

Nduduzo Tshuma Bulawayo Bureau—
President Mnangagwa yesterday declared 2018 as the year for all Zimbabweans, saying his administration will work tirelessly to create a peaceful and stable political and socio economic environment that will ensure the nation’s prosperity.

In his New Year Message that was also aired on ZBCTV, President Mnangagwa said his administration will thrive on governing, guided by honesty, transparency, accountability and discipline.

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“Fellow Zimbabweans whether at home or abroad, I would like to wish you and your families a very prosperous 2018. I also wish you good health, joy, peace and happiness,” he said in his maiden in-studio recording at Montrose Studios in Bulawayo.

“The New Year will undoubtedly have immense opportunities and its full share of challenges. But if we remain united as one people, nothing is insurmountable. Let us resolve to collectively work hard for the betterment of our country. The President implored Zimbabweans to thrive more than ever before, to be united in all endeavours, citing Psalms 133 Verse 1 which reads; “For it is indeed good and pleasant when God’s people live together in unity and harmony.”

“Government will continue to work tirelessly to create a peaceful and stable political and socio economic environment which will enable us to be a prosperous nation and to realise our full potential. 2018 should be the year of all Zimbabweans, 2018 should be the year of progress. 2018 should also be the year of credible, free and fair elections.” President Mnangagwa committed that he will continue to be a listening and responsive leader.

“I urge you fellow Zimbabweans to engage with Government, its institutions and agencies for more transparent, just, accountable and responsible governance. Indeed, no one person or institution has a monopoly of ideas,” he said. “Let us equally commit to honesty, transparency, accountability and discipline to ensure accelerated national development and progress. Collectively, we can build a new, democratic and prosperous Zimbabwe.”

Since his inauguration on November 24, President Mnangagwa has hit the ground running introducing a cocktail of interventions towards the stimulation of the economy with the aim of returning the country to its lost glory. He has also said in a number of platforms that the country should not focus on politicking but shift focus towards the economy and productivity.

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  • Imran adam

    Beautiful mr President
    I hope all Zimbabweans to be rich this year.

    • Ushe

      Hahahaha, Adam, you will be surprised how many people will still be whining and complaining.

      • haiwawo

        Muromo hauzarirwi nerwizi.

        Aivemowo mukuvhiya denhwe makore makumi matatu nemanomwe. If he were a man of conviction that what was happening was wrong, he would have done something about it or left. What he has done now has less to do with considering the well-being of the people but the fact that he saw his chances of taking over being scuttled by Marujata. That is all.

        And he will mouth the democracy rhetoric but nothing will change in the actions for example his silence on the recent violence against and arrest of youth who were protesting the unresolved issue of Gukurahundi. So much for Zimbabwe for “all” when voices of despair are met in a ham-fisted way reminiscent of Smith and RGM.

        Like I said, he talks but selectively walks the talk because he is cut from the same cloth as RGM.

  • Blackwave

    Spot on Mr President.

  • Gwayimani

    Makorokoto egore nyowani Cde Ngwena.

  • Franco Papa

    There is no transparency if without being questioned you adress to our nation about the bond note system is it now currency or there is truly money stored in the RBZ. If so tell the nation that they can redeem the bond notes for import purposes

  • mandevu

    which people? Just your Zanu PF stooges, or all the people of Zimbabwe? Bring real democracy, policy change and an apology for your past human rights abuses and we might begin to regard you as real

    • Dziser

      You may continue being doubtful sir/madam till you find your perfect leader who satisfy your checklist. Progressive Zimbabweans are encouraged by the tone of the new President as well as what he is trying to do.


        We’ve been having that tone since moment zero….i.e 1980 up to now. It is blindness such as yours that will take us, this time to minus(-) 74 years.

      • Ushe

        Those are the type of people who, even when an angel descends from heaven to rule, they will still whine and complain.

        • mandevu

          Ushe, All I have said in my comment above is that we remain a one party state in reality and that one party has decimated this country. What we need is real democracy and freedom of choice, as well as a policy environment that is conducive – all of which needs to be based on an admission of past human rights abuses. It is almost as if Zanu PF are saying”forget the past we are starting again”. Most people in this country will not forget what was done to them under the guise of a so-called “revolutionary government”. I cannot explain it in simpler language than that.

          • Ushe

            And you want all of that in day? A month? This is a process, not event, and being slaves to the past will not bring any good or development. Inga wani policies announced in the budget were good?

          • mandevu

            Of course its a process, but lets get the conversations going – that can happen tomorrow if Zanu PF wants to

        • TruthHurts!

          Please understand that some people will never accept the good one may want to do for them. They have permanently switched off their minds and now operate by instinct…their default mode. It is difficult to rationalise with such mammals; try talking to a bat!

      • Rasta!

        Anyone can talk, the last guy did a lot of that. Progressive Zimbabweans should insist on justice for those who suffered at the hands of the 5th brigade. There can be no progress until this is addressed.

  • Mufaro Sibanda

    The President message is positive. Those of us inclined to be negative will always be with us. The Lord Jesus referred to the spiritually poor as a permanent features of society.Your have the democratic space to air your views,but the first 36 days of ED’s presidency shows by deeds that we have a new dispensation.

    Just what the Patriot Front Government will have delivered in 100 days will make the Opposition seek a delay in elections or deal with an imminent landslide for for ED’s team.

  • Dziser

    Very encouraging speech, those who are progressive will heed your words whilst those who are angry and never wished any good to come from you will be full of negativity and we will ignore them. We all need to support each other looking at the big picture as a nation no leader is perfect and we may not get a perfect leader but should we sabotage our development as a nation and ignore positive messages from our leader and president which are for the majority of our people simply because we disagree in certain areas? Even Americans don’t disagree with their leader no matter how better their economy is, look at South Africa they don’t agree with their leader but don’t shun positive thoughts from their president either. Grow up Zimbabweans

  • Progressive Zimbabwean

    ED is not an angel. He errs like all humans. However, I note that there is a tendency to level unnecessary criticism on this man. He has been in office for 37 days and has to deal with a 37 year legacy. I note that indeed there are things that can be changed like yesterday and things that need more time. I see nothing stopping us doing away with the expensive lifestyles of some of our leaders. I see nothing that stops us from arresting known criminals who have stolen millions of dollars. There are other issues like the availability of cash which is related to the need to boost productivity. For us to get the USD we need to produce and sell something on the global market that will generate the USD. That something is agricultural produce, mining, tourism. We need to enhance productivity on our farms going forward and capitalise on the growing global population to feed the globe. We need to rationalise our costs such as those of energy, water and communication, costs that are essential for business development. We need to root out corruption and plug all leakages of our precious minerals particularly gold. Our manufacturing industries need to be re-opened to create jobs.

  • musayigwa

    We will give him the chance (that he has already taken anyway) BUT….

    question – what will he do differently on a national scale that he failed to do when the flagship midlands industrial hub crumbled to extinction under his watch? What fix for industry does he have that could not fix zisco, shabani etc?

  • Tom

    god hasnt yet replied the question “why did you take a 37year dump on this country” so until that day i wouldnt give him any more credit

  • Ushe

    Or better yet, start producing and exporting.

    • TruthHurts!

      …and even better still, pay your taxes and stop externalising money, it is theft and a crime!

  • Chokwadi

    Atleast he is trying to be a leader not ruler