ED addresses Zimbabweans in Angola

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Government is identifying bottlenecks that have hindered economic growth in the past years and taking corrective measures, President Mnangagwa has said.

Addressing Zimbabweans based here yesterday, the Head of State and Government said time for infighting was over and officials were now expending energy on development issues.

“That is now behind us,” he said.

“We want unity, peace, bygones to be bygones and we want as a people to move forward and rebuild our country and economy. Zimbabwe is now open for business.

“We are doing everything possible to identify any bottlenecks in the area of economic growth and in the area of business attraction in the country to make sure Zimbabwe becomes competitive again in terms of attracting capital in our country.

“You are here, but home is home. We receive you with open arms. We want your skills back home.”

President Mnangagwa said some pieces of legislation were being modified to attract investors.

“In that regard, I looked at the indigenous laws which we had passed and we have modified those laws,” he said.

“Everything has been opened. We only now remain with two minerals which are affected by our indigenisation Act. The two minerals are diamonds and platinum.

“Anybody can come in and make (his or her) own arrangements as you enter the sector.”

He outlined opportunities and Government plans in sectors such as infrastructure development, agriculture, energy, tourism and mining.

He reiterated that elections would go ahead as scheduled this year.

“We are going to general elections in four, five months time,” he said.

“Fortunately, with all the members of the opposition we are agreed. We have taken a stance that we shall have zero tolerance to violence. We want peaceful, credible and fair elections in Zimbabwe and I have no doubt we are going to achieve it.

“All of us in politics are determined to make a difference because there is no need of harming ourselves.

“This is our country together and we must develop it together. It’s a matter of who has a better programme to achieve a situation of growth, creation of jobs for our young people and so on.”

He said most concerns Zimbabweans and Angolans have would be addressed through the Joint Commission expected to meet soon.

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