Econet launches home security service

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Econet launches home security service

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Econet Wireless said on yesterday it had diversified into home security service as the telecommunications operator seeks to widen income streams in the face of declining profitability from its core business. The telecoms operator recorded a 52 percent slump to $23 million in net profit in the half-year ended August 2015, as weak consumer demand and Government imposed service charge cuts and taxes took a toll on its performance.Over the years, the telecoms operator has diversified into other sectors such as renewable energy and beverages.

To improve its profitability, the company in the past year instituted a variety of measures including retrenchments, salary cuts and demanding a 15 percent price cuts from its suppliers.

Under the new service, Econet Connected Homes, which is a partnership with its subsidiary Zimbabwe

Online (ZOL), the operator, will provide 24 hour security under different packages that also include closed circuit television and rapid response teams in case of burglary or other disturbances.

The home security system allows users to monitor activities at their property and control it remotely using smart phones or tablets hundreds of kilometres away from home.

It has sensors for curtain and door movements, windows breaks, human movement, smoke alert or gas leaks and sends the users a message if any anomaly is detected.

“You will be in full control of your home and you will be secure,” said the general manager for Econet Connected Lifestyles, Shepherd Hondo.

Under the connected Lifestyles brand, Econet initially launched a vehicle tracking system which allows users, especially companies to monitor the movement of their vehicles. — New Ziana.

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