Dzidzo Inhaka e-learning plugs ICT gap

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Dzidzo Inhaka e-learning plugs ICT gap

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Shepherd Chimururi Youth Interactive Correspondent

The need to close the knowledge gap in the broad information communication and technology subject in schools has inspired Dzidzo Inhaka e-learning to offer short courses to both in-service teachers and pupils in an effort to equip them with 21st century digital skills during the August school holiday.

The short courses have a two dimension objective of equipping teachers with digital content production and presentation skills in line with the expectations of the syllabi on one hand.

On another hand, the programme will equip pupils with digital skills which can enable them to research and present their academic work, especially CALAS, in line with the e-learning policy.

For teachers the focus  is on building digital capacities of in-service facilitators who are trained before the introduction of teaching pedagogies like STEM and the updated curriculum.

These are the teachers who finished college training before coding, robotics, graphic designing, and video editing were incorporated in theupdated curriculum.

Despite lacking the skills they are still expected to teach the subjects.

For pupils it is now an open secret that the CALA driven education requires them to have computer skills like typing, graphic designing, internet research and the new literacy in the form of coding, etc.

E-learning, e-games, e-jobs and paperless are the key elements of the students’ lifestyle and they need to be equipped with trending digital skills so that life long education becomes easy for them.

The short courses being offered include basic computer literacy, coding, graphic designing, robotics, internet etiquette, video and photo editing.

Each course has 10 lessons.

After successful completion of the short course the participants will be awarded certificates.

Dzidzo Inhaka’s partnership with Plan International has benefited over 20 schools in Manicaland and Matebeleland North and these include Checheche High in Chipinge, Dinyane High in Tsholotsho, Dema High in Mutare, Gideon Mhlanga in Chipinge, St Werbughs in Nyanga, Haparari primary in Mutasa, Mushango High in Marange, to name but a few.

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