Dynamos soccer star deserts family, court told

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Dynamos soccer star deserts family, court told

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The Dynamos player wedded Yvonne (nee Kanongovere) at a colourful ceremony on December 20, 2008.
Yvonne Murape — in her affidavit — claims that she needs the money to look after the couple’s child.

“He has left the matrimonial home and is not providing adequately to our upkeep,” she claims.

She is demanding US$200 a month as maintenance.

“I am applying for US$200 maintenance and I know he is capable of paying it as he is a professional football player and he is also a businessman.

“He realises about US$400 per month,” she said.
She told the court that she was unemployed and she makes about US$60 through selling soft drinks.

Murape Murape however, argued that he could only pay US$100 saying he earns US$275.
The footballer also said he had four other children.

“I am married with four other children, aged eight, seven and the twins,” Murape said.

Murape disputed claims that he was a businessman.
“I used to sell some jerseys on behalf of other people.

“I don’t have a registered company,” Murape said.

Yvonne however, told the court that the seven-year-old child being claimed by Murape was not his.
Magistrate Ms Shelly Zvenyika asked Murape to bring the child’s birth certificate.

The footballer then changed his statement saying he was looking after his late brother’s child.
Ms Zvenyika ordered Murape to pay US$100 per month as maintenance.

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