Dube urges continuity


Eddie Chikamhi Sports Reporter
ACTING Premier Soccer League chairman Peter Dube has urged the clubs to vote for continuity when the board of governors convene this Saturday for the elections. Dube, who was voted unopposed as the league’s vice-chairperson two years ago, has been occupying the hot seat since last month when his former boss Twine Phiri was dethroned on a technicality.His tenure comes to an end this weekend when he vies for the ballot with Dynamos president Kenny Mubaiwa. The Highlanders chairman yesterday said stability was key in the league and reckons his understanding of the systems at the PSL will help the league to continue progressing on the positive trajectory.

“From so many quarters we have heard how Twine Phiri has done so well with the PSL. If I may have to subscribe to that, I would say let there be no slackening. We don’t want to see the league drop in the standards. I was privileged to be part of the system.

“You need someone who understands the system to make sure that we continue in the positive trajectory,” said Dube.

“In my understanding, I believe all governors are equal and I will call it a privilege if I am to win the election on Saturday. I want to see fair play being exercised. No club should be taken as bigger than the other.”

Dube was appointed acting chairman last month when ZIFA revealed that Phiri’s mandate was revoked together with the old ZIFA board that was led by Cuthbert Dube and ordered a fresh election. The Highlanders boss yesterday said he didn’t need to advertise himself and seemed confident the clubs will vote for him ahead of his sole opponent, Mubaiwa.

“I think have been with them for long enough time for them to make a correct judgement of my credibility, my abilities, how much audience I give to each and every one of them, my understanding and adherence of football statutes.

“Football need leaders who understand statutes and it can only build more trust and faith if we have someone at the top who can understand these things and live by them.

“I have a feeling that you are judged by what you are capable of doing and what people see,” said Dube.

Having been part of the previous executive which had managed to lure sponsors under difficult circumstances, Dube believes he has the charm to bring on board more partners.

The Bosso boss said Zimbabwe football is currently operating in a tough environment but good corporate governance and trust can help take the game to a higher level.

“Sponsors are happy with the work we have done at the PSL under the able leadership of Phiri.

“The game has been spread to all corners of the country at quite a fair and affordable arrangement. Our football matches are being watched everywhere even in the region. It helps create an image of what you are all about as a league.

“I understand the environment that our football is operating in, I understand how much respect we should earn as administrators and as footballers.

“Remember these people who are coming to partner us are not just here to uplift us but they also expect value from partnering with the game,” said Dube.

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