Dry weekend for Harare suburbs

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Dry weekend for Harare suburbs

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DRY TAPTalent Hwari Herald Reporter
A number of Harare suburbs, including the city centre, will be without water supplies tomorrow as there will be a complete shut-down to allow council to repair burst pipes. This comes as it emerged that Harare is losing 500 000 litres of purified water daily due to leaks on the main water pipeline from Morton Jaffray Water Treatment Plant to Warren Control Pump Station.

Harare Water director Engineer Hosiah Chisango said on Tuesday during a tour of Warren Control Pump Station that they were battling to stop leaks at a vlei between Westwood and Warren Park. Eng Chisango said this had necessitated the complete water shut-down tomorrow.

“The pipeline that burst is the main one from Morton Jaffray to Warren Control,” he said.
“There were five bursts along this pipeline and we have repaired four. This last one requires the pipeline to be emptied. On Saturday (tomorrow) we are going to shut down water and we will resume pumping at the end of the same day.” Eng Chisango said only suburbs that got water from Warren Control Pump Station were going to be affected. These are the city cen­tre, north­ern, east­ern and some western suburbs like Mufakose. The central business district would get water 30 minutes from the time we restore pumping at Warren Control,” he said.

“Two or three days later, water supply will be restored in other areas that are further east. We would take care of eastern suburbs, including Mabvuku and Tafara, because of their schedule of water supply. They normally get water on Saturdays, so there would be a delay and they will get it on Sunday, then we will extend it to the following Wednesday.” Eng Chisango said they were doing a follow up on water leaks in areas that had not been receiving water, to improve supplies. Council will provide water bowsers in Mabvuku and Tafara.

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