Drought claims 24 800 cattle

Drought claims 24 800 cattle

droughtBrenda Ziga Herald Reporter
The number of cattle that have died due to drought has risen to 24 801 countrywide, director of economics and marketing in the Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development Mr Clemence Bwenje said yesterday.

Speaking at a multi-stakeholder meeting held in Harare — bringing together experts in agriculture — Mr Bwenje said more cattle died last month.

Masvingo province recorded almost 50 percent (12 373) of the deaths.

He said the Government was mobilising money to feed 227 417 cattle.

“Livestock Drought Mitigation Programme through destocking and provision of subsidised livestock feed targeting 227 417 cattle requires $53 878 825,” he said.

He said farmers were not willing to sell their cattle because most of them were in poor condition and would fetch low prices.

Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers’ Union president Mr Wonder Chabikwa said the recent rains being experienced in the country would go a long in saving the livestock.

“We were actually in a big dilemma due to the drought that hit our country, but we are now happy that almost every part of the country is receiving rains. These rains will save our livestock that was under threat and farmers will be more secure if these rains continue until April,” he said.

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