Drones Solutions Academy gets CAAZ licence

09 Aug, 2022 - 00:08 0 Views
Drones Solutions Academy gets CAAZ licence

The Herald

Ivan Zhakata-Herald Correspondent

Drone Solutions Academy (DSA), the first school in Zimbabwe to be licenced by the Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe (CAAZ) to offer training in drone technology, has scored yet another first after being recently awarded two new licence ratings to train on Beyond Visual Line of Sight (B-VLOS) and Aeroplane type drones. 

The academy was awarded the new ratings effective 25 July this year. 

As far as training on the Remote Pilot Licence (RPL) is concerned, the ratings have enabled the academy to extend its portfolio to offer both multirotor and fixed wing training. 

The B-VLOS training authorises trained pilots to fly beyond the restricted distances, thereby opening vast opportunities for the industry. 

Drone Solutions accountable manager, Mr Jeremiah Musabayana, said the awarding of the B-VLOS rating, companies and individuals can now legally carry out critical services such as long distance surveillance at border posts and mines as well as delivery of medical packages and other goods to marooned victims during disasters. 

“It is expected that the adoption of long endurance fixed wing drones will rapidly increase due to the aeroplane training accredited to DSA,” he said. 

“We are excited that people can now enrol for B-VLOS training at DSA. The CAAZ requirement is that one must be a valid holder of a Remote Pilot Licence, (RPL), before they can train for B-VLOS. To incentivise the market, we are offering those who enrol to train for the RPL with us, a 30 percent discount when they enrol for B-VLOS training.” 

Drone Solutions has already started booking classes for B-VLOS and Aeroplane training and there is overwhelming interest from industries such as mines, power producers and foresters.

“Our highly discounted ‘Heroes Class’ RPL (multi-rotor) training will commence on August 15 followed by the highly discounted ‘Far and High-class’ B-VLOS training on August 29. The ‘I have wings class’RPL (Aeroplane) training commences September 5, 2022,” Mr Musabayana said.

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