Dream all you want, Jabulani Sibanda

Dream all you want, Jabulani Sibanda Jabulani Sibanda
Jabulani Sibanda

Jabulani Sibanda

Nicole Hondo Correspondent
Recent comments by ousted former war veterans leader and Zimbabwe People First member Jabulani Sibanda have exposed the man to be a shameless, if not reckless individual prone to flights of fancy.

For those who may not be in the know, Sibanda was booted out of the war veterans leadership in 2014 for his overly inflated ego and loose mouth that saw him even denigrating the persons of President Mugabe and First Lady Amai Dr Grace Mugabe.

His was a fall from grace as he was left wandering in the wilderness with no right thinking political party or institution wanting to be associated with him.

That was of course before the “dumb brigade” that is the MDC-T briefly embraced him in their fold but the two soon parted ways. However, this was not before Sibanda had grabbed headlines, attending MDC-T rallies and selling the lie of how he was a reformed and peace loving nobody who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

It is therefore not surprising that following his dismal failure to get back at President Mugabe on the back of the MDC-T, he would now quickly latch onto the war veterans back and try to sell the same lie that he is the Robin Hood of Zimbabwe. Following the disagreements that rocked the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans’ Association, Sibanda is trying to confuse the well-meaning war veterans further in an attempt to clamour for relevance. Sensing the bitterness that might be afflicting some former freedom fighters, Sibanda has identified a come-back opportunity, this time piggy-backing on war veterans.

Quite ridiculously, the demented Sibanda vowed to make sure Zanu-PF loses in the next elections. Perhaps in Sibanda’s world, his one vote against Zanu-PF has more value during ballot counting than the millions others in support of the revolutionary party. Who knows? Anything is possible in la-la land where Sibanda appears to be a village elder.

Or maybe, more sinisterly, Sibanda has other means that he intends to employ to make sure that Zanu-PF does not win in 2018. Who doesn’t remember Sibanda’s notoriety as a terror godfather, the heinous violence he perpetrated against his rivals, soiling Zanu-PF’s name in the process. For Sibanda, violence is second nature and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him lead a wave of political violence ahead of the 2018 harmonized elections.

His is clearly an attempt to whip war veterans’ emotions against President Mugabe and Zanu-PF, a feat he has spectacularly failed to achieve in the past. Sibanda should come with a warning tag on his back, for associating with him can only lead to a deep cesspool of lies, manipulation and deceit. Indeed, all right thinking war veterans, Zanu-PF members and other interested parties would be well advised to stay clear of Sibanda and his lunatic wagon.

War veterans, that esteemed section of our society to whom everyone in this country owes their freedom, should not be swayed by Sibanda’s misleading bravado and undo the gains of their exploits during the liberation struggle. For what can an individual who only underwent minimum training and was never involved in any battle or diplomatic talks during the struggle teach them today?

Suspended Zanu-PF members like Christopher Mutsvangwa, despite the grievances, real or perceived that they may have against the President as well as the party, should not find solace or a partner in crime in the likes of Jabulani Sibanda. He should not let sour grapes override his senses to the extent of seeing Sibanda as a sane individual.

Mutsvangwa was quoted in the media celebrating the fact that Sibanda chose to meet with him over the so-called G40 faction in Zanu-PF.

He was quoted as saying: “I was sure not the first to hobnob with Sibanda, G40 rushed to cajole him against me, but kisses go by favour.” Mutsvangwa should remember the old adage that when a thief kisses you, you should count your teeth.

Likewise, when Sibanda kisses you, you should take stock of your dignity, social standing and respect in the political field as well as in Zanu-PF. Without doubt, Sibanda can rob an individual of all these with one public embrace. As time has proven over and over again, you cannot lie down with dogs and get up without fleas attached to your person.

As for Sibanda, if the fantasy that he can personally prevent Zanu-PF from winning the 2018 elections allows him to sleep better at night, then each to his own.

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