Don’t expend energy on power struggles: Madiro

Don’t expend energy on power struggles: Madiro Cde Madiro
Cde Madiro

Cde Madiro

Nyore Madzianike Manicaland Bureau
ZANU-PF members should not waste their energies concentrating on power struggles and trivial issues, but must work towards winning this year’s harmonised elections. The revolutionary party’s Manicaland provincial chairperson Cde Mike Madiro said it was time for Zanu-PF members to forget about the past and focus on winning the elections.

Cde Madiro said his party’s members should take heed of President Mnangagwa’s call to let bygones be bygones. Cde Madiro said this while addressing Zanu-PF members during an inter-district meeting held in Mutare on Thursday where he outlined the state of affairs in the ruling party.

“Our President, Cde E.D. Mnangagwa was very clear that we should be united and forget about the past, when the G40 cabal was at play. Let bygones be bygones and move forward. Today, I am here to tell you about the state of affairs within the party and I will also talk about the 2018 elections,” he said.

“As you know, starting New Year, we have a difficult task ahead of us. When I look at you, I am seeing leaders. But you cannot be leaders without information. You must have information that takes the party forward. We don’t want a situation where MDC will take over, because they have nothing to offer,” he said.

Manicaland Women’s League chairperson Cde Happiness Nyakuedzwa echoed similar sentiments saying party members should participate in activities that unite the people.

“We should retain all the seats in the forthcoming elections. We want to win the coming elections and for us to achieve that we must stop all the fighting in the party. We should stop spreading negative information and, don’t be seen participating in activities that bring hatred among party members. All the squabbles within the party should now come to an end,” she said.

Manicaland Youth League leader Cde Tawanda Mukodza called on the youths to shun violence during the build-up to the elections. He said youths should focus on developmental projects.

“As youths, we are saying no to violence. We want to be peaceful when going to the elections. I would like to say as youths, we must go to register and vote during elections,” he said.

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