Don’t change the goal, change the strategy

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Don’t change the goal, change the strategy Have a back-up plan always

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Ropafadzo Karen Banda Youth Interactive Writer

We all have goals in our lives but some of them don’t happen the way we expect them to, or some don’t even come to fulfillment, all because of the distractions that come along the way to disturb the goal getting.

There is a fundamental difference between a goal setter and a goal getter — someone who plans to do something and not doing it and someone who plans to do something and doing it to completion.

It all has to come out on the “how part” of the strategy.

Here is an interesting story I would like to share about an animal called a snake.

“One night after closing time a snake found its way inside a home improvement store. As the snake slithered around it clipped its-self on a hand saw that was lying on the ground.

Thinking the saw was a threat, the snake instantly snapped around and bit the saw, of cause this did more damage  to itself, with the snake cutting inside its mouth. Not understanding what was happening and thinking the saw was an enemy, the snake wrapped its long body around the saw attempting to suffocate it. The snake didn’t do any damage to the saw. Instead, it ended up being killed by the sharp blade of the saw. The snake ended up being killed by its own anger, by its own reaction to something it thought was out to get it.”

There are so many lessons to learn from this short story and here they are;

Don’t React when you don’t need to.

In most times of our lives, we have people who often react to situations where observation and discernment is required, they tend to react with an attempt of full-time visualisation.

If the snake had to visualise or study the environment first to see before reacting, some don’t think it was going to be hurt.  To a greater extent, anger was the greatest factor that led it to death.

You might have set a goal, then along the way someone comes trying to help you, then you think they are trying to destroy your dream yet they would want to help. Yes some can agree that there are some people who seem to be there to put down any positive change you could try to make. On the other hand you could realise after they are gone what they were trying to teach you, when it’s too late and you might have missed the opportunity. So don’t react so quickly, try to understand what the situation is trying to teach; or to let you see where reaction is not required. Maybe the saw was trying to give a signal to the snake that if you are to be seen here, you’re going to be killed by sharp objects but the snake quickly reacted with ought thinking first.

The goal of the snake might have been to find a warm place to stay, but before reaching the target , only by a slight cut it limited itself.

Don’t quickly react or give up on your goal because of little distractions.

Remember the goal and think of the signals which they might be trying to show you. Rather try to solve the problem by forgetting the pain and move on.

Face your fears

Fear is an illusion and it has caused so many dreams and opportunities to go in the drain only because of a “what if”.  You know what you want to become, then why are you letting someone block you from becoming that person?

There are dream destroyers, boulders, blockages along the way, or mockers. You must be grateful for them, because they are actually giving you a telegram that your goal is big and it’s not going to be easy to get it completed.

Be brave to face your fears because behind it is the person you want to become.

Build self confidence within yourself. It’s not a one day try, but constantly give it a go.

Don’t be so obvious on things.

Sometimes the formula that is required might be different.

If you really need to achieve your goal then go after it, take your time.

“Yes”, in this story the snake killed itself out of anger.

On the other hand, a snake is known for observing the environment first before an attack, a snake is very good at discerning, careful, cunning, thoughtful, intelligent, sensible and being prudent.

The list is endless on how it acts.

When a snake moves into a new territory, it doesn’t announce its presence.  That’s why it didn’t make any sound when it got hurt from the  story shared earlier,  because in its subconscious, it already registered that it was going to win the battle and move on with the goal.

It moves so quietly and lays low through its existence in the environment by evaluating and seeing the opportunities in the area.

So, when you have a goal and while on the journey don’t announce it, you will get ruined lay low till you get it accomplished.

The one who gets angry is the one who loses. Someone once said “Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the person to die “it all gets us back to the story when the snake wrapped its long body around the saw attempting to suffocate the saw and ended up dead.

Sometimes our anger can destroy us from achieving anything in life but rather you get off the road and rest by cooling down yourself, we all know that a decision is not made when you are angry because anything that comes out of it are miscarry decisions, regret and unfinished work.

The negative things you carry around can stop you from doing better in life.

Negative feelings can make you suffer, never the person we might to suffer. So, you should react with compassion, snap back to whatever you do in life and if you are not to, you won’t win.

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