Donors will find new leader for MDC-T: Analysts

MDCT-GRAPHICFarirai Machivenyika Senior Reporter
MDC-T’s traditional Western donors will determine the leadership and direction of the party in the ongoing wrangle pitting factions led by Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and Mr Tendai Biti, analysts have said. The two factions’ squabbles reached boiling point this week with the Biti faction suspending Mr Tsvangirai and his allies, while the latter countered by expelling Mr Biti and his followers.
Analysts said donor influence was entrenched in MDC-T and they would have the last say.

Midlands State University Media and Society Studies lecturer Dr Nhamo Mhiripiri said, “It has always been said that MDC-T is donor-funded and that funds come through NGOs that are funded from the West.

“Mr Tsvangirai himself has been on record saying Biti is working with donors and saying an outside hand is manipulating things. These are known secrets that are coming out to say that the donors have their preferred candidate. It is their own confession that there is that scenario.”

Dr Mhiripiri said the donors’ regime change agenda was now being seen in MDC-T’s internal strife.
“Donors’ behaviour is well known, they normally want to dictate things and in this case it’s certain that they are involved in the disputes that are ongoing in MDC-T.

“This is the unfortunate thing if a party decides not to be self-reliant because the donors will always dictate things and ultimately the preferred candidate will prevail over the other,” added University of Zimbabwe Political Science chair, Dr Charity Manyeruke.

Analyst Mr Gabriel Chaibva said after the donors had channelled US$2,6 billion in the failed regime change agenda, it was obvious that they would call for leadership renewal in MDC-T.

“Donors think that there must be renewal within MDC-T. They are saying Mr Tsvangirai must go. After pouring US$2,6 billion in the regime change agenda they have realised that Tsvangirai is a tactless leader and has no record of personal achievement.

“It only confirms what we have been saying that MDC-T was founded and funded by the donors; so they are now saying we want to bring in new faces,” said Mr Chaibva.

Political scientist Mr Goodwine Mureriwa weighed in saying: “The calls by Tsvangirai for members to fund the party came only after donors stopped their funding and switched their support to Biti.

“It is very clear that he cannot survive without donor support. The allegations they have made about an external hand abetting the disputes is incisive and confirms what we have been saying all along that the party is directed from outside.
“So since it was founded by the Western and imperialist agents, they will also determine who will be the leader. That is how it is.”

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