Dokora welcomes teacher recruitment


Herald Correspondent
Primary and Secondary Education Minister Dr Lazarus Dokora yesterday thanked the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service Commission for recruiting 2 300 teachers, saying the move will impact positively in the sector. Addressing a Press conference in Harare yesterday, Minister Dokora wished learners and teachers a successful third term, while urging parents to pay fees.

“We are grateful to the PSC and the Ministry of Finance that the new stock of 2 300 teachers that we have received will make some impact in the sector,” he said.

“We continue to hope for the balance of 4 700 teachers.”

Minister Dokora wished learners all the best, especially during this term when they face national examinations.

“I want to particularly wish our learners and teachers a successful term as they prepare for the national examinations which are due in October and November 2017,” he said.

“This period is also exciting as some young learners bid farewell to my system to get ready to enter tertiary level education or finding destinations on other spheres.”

Minister Dokora said the examination period was associated with some challenges among learners.

“We have in recent years witnessed cases of hysteria, particularly in the boarding schools,” he said.

“It is my sincere hope that such circumstances will be taken care of by local leadership at school level.”

Minister Dokora urged parents to play their part.

“As usual, I would like to urge parents to continue supporting their schools by paying the required fees and levies,” he said.

“Heads are urged to continue displaying a sense of maturity and flexibility.”

Minister Dokora noted that September 24 marked the launch of the National Annual Sport Science and Arts Festival (NASSAF) in Harare.

This is an extravaganza of Science, Arts and Sport that will test participating learners in a variety of disciplines.

“This is part of the implementation of the new curriculum under Phase 2,” said Minister Dokora.

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