Documentary on ManLuckers on cards

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter
A documentary on the life of Swedish-based Zimbabwean musician and cultural activist, Makandire Chezhira ‘ManLuckers’ Chikutu is coming to life after being inspired by the book “FlashBack Identity”.

The documentary was filmed and produced by Ngonidzashe Kativu, a student at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences with the teaser and trailer already released on YouTube. The name ‘Chezhira’ – Where is Home? was borrowed from MaLuckers name and the documentary is an hour long .

In an interview with The Herald Arts, the cultural activist said was happy that his success story in arts is being brought to life.

“I am so excited that there are some people out there who are inspired and motivated by our works. I met Kativu sometime ago because we are all based here in Sweden. He then later approached me three weeks ago suggesting if l could help him by doing his school work, which include making a documentary about myself. The documentary tells about where the name ‘Chezhira’ came from and it also describes who am I, explaining more about what I have been up to from the very day I was born until today,” he said.

ManLuckers said it also involves sense of duty, talks of debt, culture, philosophy, and identity from the place he calls home.

“I got inspired with my book, FlashBack Identity which is in both Swedish and English languages. The book describes me and my family background, Zimbabwean history, exchange programs between cultures, how to collaborate and build cultural bridges between different nationalities and music business. This has all been adapted in the documentary,” he said.

He said the producer’s creativity comes from the curiosity revolving around the constitutive construction and deconstruction of identity, of beliefs, of philosophy and of culture as migration would allow or demand.

“Yes it is centred on me but I am also a model on his research as he is seeking answers to many questions. Firstly, what constitutes or gives a true sense of belonging? Secondly, where exactly is home for one who has migrated? Incidentally he finds himself asking and seeking an answer to the almost philosophical question, what is home?” explained Manluckers.

ManLuckers said was inspired by a lot of musicians who include the late Andy Brown, Leonard Dembo, Thomas Mapfumo, Oliver Mtukudzi and Jonah Sithole among others.

“It is important for me as a Zimbabwean to listen more to these old artists. It helps me to understand it better, preserving my culture as l am far from home. Their music does send a good advice and message to the people of Zimbabwe,’ he shared.

Meanwhile, he said the global pandemic has greatly affected his 2020 tours and plans in the arts industry.

“Coronavirus has made me postpone my many gigs which were scheduled to happen from August onwards. People are allowed to attend events but not more than 50 per show and this has affected my fans but we are trying our best. We are surviving but for now with other jobs,” he said.

He added that has a show this month which will be streamed live at Reginateatern Uppsala, Sweden.

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