Doctor arrested for raping patients

Doctor arrested for raping patients

doctor-stethoscope-628x363RIO DE JANEIRO. — Brazilian police said on Tuesday that they had arrested fugitive doctor Roger Abdelmassih, wanted for sexually abusing dozens of patients. After three years on the run, Abdelmassih (70), was found in neighbouring Paraguay and immediately handed over to Brazilian authorities.

His deportation was facilitated by the fact that Abdelmassih was living in Paraguay illegally.
He arrived in Paraguay three months ago, after passing through several European countries undetected, authorities said.

A widely-known specialist in in-vitro fertilisation in Brazil’s largest city San Paulo, the doctor was accused by at least 35 former patients of rape
and sexual molestation, and was convicted.
He was sentenced to 278 years in prison on 56 counts of rape and molestation in 2010. — Xinhua

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