Do not suffer in silence

Rutendo Gwatidzo

Changing Perspectives

Whatever you may be going through in life, you are not the first and neither will you be the last to encounter that challenge. 

Many people suffer in silence and some may sadly end up doing all sorts of wrong things. 

Suffering in silence leads to taking frustration in negative ways most of the time. 

Why should you suffer alone when the world is full of people? You may not immediately get the satisfaction you need if you speak out, however, eventually you may find peace. 

Mental health is real. 

Many of us are hard pressed on every side, things are not where we wish them to be. 

For some, you were young and now you have matured but things seem to continuously go the opposite direction.

Guess what, you are not alone. If you turn your eyes sideways you will see that many are with you on that southward road. Together we achieve more. 

Be deliberate about talking to someone even the one walking with you down the ugly road.

There is power in speaking out. Yes, you may be in the same road but, circumstances that led you to that road may differ. As you share experiences you may find common ground to combine your strengths and to overcome your weaknesses. 

Remember individual effort can only achieve a little but combined efforts accomplish much. 

Personal experience 

Once upon a time I found myself in bad debt because business had not gone the way I had anticipated. 

Just as I thought of doing clearance sale to then cover the debt and close off the business I decided to talk to someone whose business was struggling also.

 “How did we get here?” this is how I started the conversation out of confusion and disappointment. 

The other part shared her experiences and we realised that we had struggling businesses yes but, there was hope in our combined strengths. 

To cut the long story short, we then merged our businesses and with combined efforts things began to pick up. 

Within six months of operating as a merger we had both managed to clear our debts. 

What followed after was a series of opening other branches and the business grew till the then decided to part ways to pursue or different visions however, we did it amicably.

It is okay to change direction sometimes, just be sure to continue walking towards your goal. We both had to divert a bit but we continued to focus on our goals which we came back to at a later stage. 

Organisation status 

Some employees are mentally challenged especially with post Covid-19 effects. 

Many have experienced changes in their personal lives that seemed to be temporary but only to realise now that the temporary is a long temporary. 

Some experienced salary cuts because the company had downsized. 

Others are ever pressed with ambiguous duties that no one is really talking about and others experienced some kind of promotion but, without increased pay or benefits. 

Many are confused and the business sales keep going down to levels that are threatening the survival of the business. In short, things are not well within organisations. 

I believe that this is the time to put minds together and to speak out so that solutions can be found. 

Today’s world requires team effort to conquer the challenges that are being faced. 

If business owners can be humble enough to share challenges and weaknesses, I believe in the process of doing so, solutions can be found.

The challenge comes when no one is willing to let go of status quo in the process of merging for instance. What others fail to realise is that to fly high, you need to let go of what weighs you down. 

Employees on the other side should learn to stop negative competition among themselves. 

They should collaborate for the attainment of organisational goals. 

Many have lost creativity and innovation because their views are ever clouded with fear of losing jobs. 

Instead of focusing on what may go wrong, my encouragement is to start focusing on what may go right then pursue it with speed. 

I have come across many in my HR experience who arrange meetings to gossip about their bosses and colleagues instead of sharing real situations at hand and discuss possible ways out.

Instead of suffering independently, management and employees should just put minds together and come up with strategies to keep businesses alive. 

We must learn to adapt and adjust in our environment before we get carried away. 

No matter how much we wish away Covid-19 effects, we are in it. 

The changes brought about by the pandemic may not be those that will quickly fade. 

The same way we put our efforts together in fighting the pandemic is the same way we should in fighting the after effects. 

Communities’ status 

There is so much naming, shaming, judging, condemning and pointing of figures among people who should be standing together united in order to make a difference.

The communities are no longer safe for those suffering and want to be assisted because people will distance themselves instead of getting closer to give comfort and solutions.

Some will point figures and say all sorts of bad things. Cases of depression and the rate of those committing suicide and taking drugs are increasing.

The truth is, unless we combine efforts, the challenges we face may increase and last long. 

Be challenged to speak out no matter what people say, let them talk; it is a matter of time before the news expire. 

Do not hold on to the saying; “dying is better than being put to shame.” 

The sad truth is that once you die you will not come back but, whatever may cause people to point fingers at you will fade and will eventually expire, the life goes on. 

You can even make a difference through telling your story. 

It is better to share your challenges and get help than to keep your challenges a secret and get crippled or even die.

In most cases, in as much as communities do talk, somewhere somehow you still find someone who will help.

The same applies in the workplace, there is usually at least one person who gives a genuine listening ear and that person will direct you accordingly. 

Do not suffer in silence, help may be next to you but you have to speak out to be heard.

Do not focus on what makes you worse, focus on what makes you better – speak out and step out. 

Rutendo Gwatidzo is a culture and change management strategist. She is as an HR consultant, speaker, mentor and author of the book ‘Born to Fight’. 

Feedback: 0714575805/ [email protected] / Rutendo Gwatidzo official fb public page.

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