DJ Mlilo blazing hot

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DJ Mlilo blazing hot Dj Mlilo

The Herald

Mayibongwe Mhlope Arts Reporter

Truman Mlilo, the 22-year-old artiste who struggled at first to make a name for himself in the music industry due to financial constraints has managed to grow out of it.

Now he has found his footing and his music is making waves all over Bulawayo  in cars, in radios and online.

’’The journey has been a tough one. It’s not easy to chase your dreams when you are broke,’’ says Mlilo.

Mlilo says, he started off at his home through a ‘‘Chillax’’ with a few of his friends sharing his music.

Then the online audience realised that there was something there which led to him moving the chillax somewhere else as the audience started to grow.

The Glow Sunday Amapiano Chillax shows are now hosted at Vista due to the ever growing audience, says Mlilo. 

“The response, especially from artistes, has been overwhelming, it is now a well-known entity all over the city because it has travelled well and now I am regarded among the best,” he says

Mlilo says, he is managing to keep strong amid all the challenges he is facing like money as artistes require investments, unwillingness by people to lend a helping hand since Glow Sunday is now a huge known entity making it hard for him to handle everything alone and keeping a straight head.

“Covid-19 has really dented both me and my career.

“As an upcoming artiste you rely on crowds and with the implementation of restrictions and lockdown, things are on hold plus it really affects your consistency in performing at a high level. 

“Apart from these negative effects, it has somehow improved my online game as I have found ways of entertaining people online when they aren’t allowed to gather.”

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