DJ Fantan, Abisha shine at OK Grand Challenge concert Abisha Palmer(right) with Themba Mkanda

Trust Khosa 

POPULAR hype men — Abisha Palmer and DJ Fantan — left fans in awe at the well attended OK Grand Challenge Day Concert held at Borrowdale Race Course in Harare on Saturday. 

The pair lit the stage, as they thrilled fans after the horse racing jamboree. 

Fans who braved the cold weather were also rewarded for their patience as the duo was on fire from start to finish. 

Exuding confidence as ever, the pair had a good day in the office as they unleashed all their artistic verve before a highly appreciative crowd. 

Chanter and club wheel-spinner, Palmer, was featuring at the Grand Challenge for a record sixth time. 

And true to his promise during the build-up to the event, he was at his usual best. 

Event organisers also rewarded him for his loyalty as he was appointed the host master of ceremonies, who introduced the main acts on stage. 

He made his task simple as he played sing-along tracks during the break before he introduced the new act. 

Palmer’s experience in the game was strongly felt as he easily connected with the fans. 

He also won the hearts of many when he played Killer T’s national anthem, “Kana Ndanyura”, whose challenge has taken the music industry by storm. 

Not to be outdone was DJ Fantan. 

Backed by the superb Chillspot clique of Levels and Ribhe, the burly entertainer made a grand entrance while sagging his pants before taking off his top. 

Known for his energy-sapping shows, DJ Fantan performed as if it was his last                   day. 

His playlist was a mixture of Zimdancehall and reggae, which made him a darling of many. 

Superstar Jah Prayzah was at his usual best at the concert. 

Unlike other acts whose playlists are now predictable, Jah Prayzah reads the crowd’s reaction before playing a new song. 

Walking with the gait of a superstar, he was also dressed in camouflage, which he last donned a few years back. 

In recent shows, he was known for donning fancy outfits after “ditching” the military gear. 

A hard worker both on and off the stage, Jah Prayzah is now reaping the rewards of his effort. 

Dancehall sensation, Nutty O, had the fans on their feet belting out sing-along tracks during his action-packed slot. 

He silenced all his doubting Thomases and proved that the “Young Turks” of showbiz were taking over. 

The Mbare-bred chanter, who was once criticised for singing in English, keeps on evolving each day, as fans now understand his stance. He has also invested a lot in his stage performances and takes his job seriously. 

His stage communication has vastly improved, judging by his chemistry with the fans. This is the key area where he has proved his worth as compared to fellow lads of his generation, who are always found wanting.

It should also be mentioned that all the acts at this year’s edition had come well-prepared for the country’s biggest musical extravaganza, famed for attracting families.

Besides the musical performances, lucky shoppers won cars for their loyalty to OK supermarkets countrywide.

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