DJ Cleo, local designer clash

DJ Cleo, local designer clash

CLEOKumbirayi Shoniwa Entertainment Reporter
Prominent South African musician DJ Tlou Cleopas Monyepao, popularly known as DJ Cleo, is embroiled in war of words with Zimbabwean fashion designer Gwinyai Chabvepi over the designer’s claim that the DJ wore his label for a video shoot.
Chabvepi recently told The Herald Entertainment that he designed clothes for DJ Cleo but the musician spit venom at the designer’s assertion accusing him of being a lair.

Commenting on his official Twitter page, DJ Cleo said “ So Zimbabwean designer GWINYAI CHABVEPI lies to a Zimbabwean newspaper about me wearing his label in some of my music videos….REALLY??”.

The comment drew several responses from fans with some accusing Chabvepi of lying whilst others blasted Cleo for being ungrateful and not acknowledging those who help him.

The Hre.Org designer expressed shock at Cleo’s remarks and has since provided photographic evidence to prove that the musician has indeed worn a top which he designed on a video featuring the group Teddy Bears.

“I am not sure why he is denying that he wore my design but if you look closely you can see it’s my label called ‘Teamplayas Clothing’ which he wears on two videos of his, namely “Umuntu” and “Impempe”, said Chabvepi.

The designer claims that he only wants acknowledgement for his works and does not have anything personal against the South African musician.

DJ Cleo shot to prominence as the award-winning producer for kwaito kingpin, Mzekezeke.

He produced his triple-platinum selling albums, “Sguqa Ngamadolo” and “Istorotoro”, and he has produced tracks for top musicians like Mandoza, Pitch Black Afro, RJ Benjamin, Jeff Maluleke, Brown Dash, Zola, Nana Coyote, Platform One, Adilah and Doc Shebeleza.

His productions have won many awards in South Africa and the musician is popular on the international scene.

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