Divisions rock Zimta Zimta CEO Dr Sifiso Ndlovu denied the allegations, saying the people accusing him wished to desecrate the union’s constitution and overthrow him.

Remember Deketeke-Herald Correspondent

Divisions are threatening the survival of the Zimbabwe Teachers’ Association (ZIMTA), with some members coming out openly denouncing the executive, whose tenure in office they claim to have expired a long time ago.

Yesterday, three Zimta members Mr Mundava Jameson, Mr Albert Mukando and Promise Keti held a media conference claiming the institution had been individualised by a minority in the executive.

Mr Mundava said he did not support the executive’s position as their term of office had expired according to the Zimta constitution. 

“After suspecting the national executive’s intentions to secretly amend the Zimta staff conditions of service with the intention of extending the retirement age of Zimta workers from 60 years to 65, to allow the chief executive officer to continue for five more years, we wrote a second petition, signed by concerned Zimta members to block the national executive’s intentions.

“The suspected alteration and manipulation of Zimta worker’s conditions of service was the main cause of the second petition that was submitted to the office of the national executive committee,” he said.

Mr Mundava said the union was not respecting the association despite members paying subscription fees to air their views.

“As ordinary Zimta subscribing members, we have noted that there are some issues which are not going on very, very well within the association. We have tried by all means to have these issues addressed internally, but it was to no avail.

“Desirous of a lasting solution to the opaque way of doing business in the association, we escalated our case to various organisations and bodies and this incensed the once ‘deaf’ association leadership to action,” he said.

Mr Mundava said there was no communication between the different tiers of power within the association, especially those on the lower structures.

“I think this needs no further explanation as it is very clear that the Zimta national executive and management were making unilateral decisions without consulting lower level structures and the general membership. There was a disconnect between the general membership and the national executive committee,” he said.

The executive, said Mr Mandava, abused several schemes and specific purpose funds such as the Retirement and Bereavement Fund (RBF) and the Loan Fund, to which every Zimta member was contributing.

“Circular Letter No. 3 of February 7, 2014 gave birth to this fund which we all welcomed as Zimta members. As clearly spelt in this circular, this fund was being run and managed at head office with provinces managing allocations in paper money. 

“In 2016, through Circular Letter Number 26 of 13 July 2016, ten vehicles were recalled and disposed of at the lowest acceptable bid of US$10 000 and the proceeds were channelled towards the Loan Fund,” he said.

Zimta CEO Dr Sifiso Ndlovu denied the allegations, saying the people accusing him wished to desecrate the union’s constitution and overthrow him.

“These people have gone for three years trying to overthrow the current executive. They were summoned for a disciplinary hearing last year but they never showed up for that hearing,” he said.

Dr Ndlovu claimed those opposing his executive were merely seeking media attention.

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