Diplomats urge nation to unite

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Diplomats urge nation to unite Mr Parajuli

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Blessings Chidakwa Herald Correspondent
FOREIGN diplomats yesterday hailed Zimbabweans for taking time to celebrate Heroes Day and urged them to unite and work together for the development of the nation.

They said the country’s liberation history should be the people’s source of inspiration as they strive to turn around the economy for prosperity.

Speaking during the commemorations in Harare yesterday, United Nations resident coordinator Mr Bishow Parajuli said Heroes Day was a special event.

“Heroes are those who have really brought the country together, liberated it. Therefore remembering heroes is essential and we must not forget their key messages,” he said.

Mr Parajuli further said: “Zimbabweans should now focus on prosperity, progress and taking the country forward. It is time to continue uniting and work as a team.

“Zimbabweans have proved to be united during Cyclone Idai. Zimbabwe, endowed with so much natural resources and wonderful people, has the brightest future,” he said.

Namibian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Balbina Daes Pienaar said the day was worth celebrating considering the sacrifices made by the gallant sons and daughters during the struggle.

“Zimbabwe is today taking off this time to commemorate and to celebrate those heroic deeds. This is a day that should lead the nation towards more prosperity, unity for purpose, time to put aside all political differences and forge ahead for peace, stability and prosperity in the country.

“Well done so may you stood in unity, continue to be resolute in building that Zimbabwe that was once the breadbasket of Africa. Namibia is really looking up to Zimbabwe and the future is so bright, his Excellency President Emmerson Mnangagwa must be supported.”

Ethiopian Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Dr Addisu Abera said: “I am glad to see that the young generation are also involved in giving respect to their forefathers who fought for the freedom of Zimbabwe.

“In any transition there are always problems that we have to expect, but this will not remain forever, but the main thing is we have to work hand-in-hand to really make as President say open for business. The private sector has to come in so that changes can come really to the country.”

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