Dinyero still hunts for glory

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Dinyero still hunts for glory Masimba Dinyero

The Herald

Tadious Manyepo

Sports Reporter

THIRTY ONE years after becoming the first policeman to win the Soccer Star of the Year award, Masimba Dinyero continues with his hunt for glory in the coaching trenches.

He has not seen as much success, in coaching, as he did while still playing.

Dinyero remains one of only two players, together with Ernest Chirambadare, in the history of domestic football, to reach, at least, the semi-finals of both the CAF Champions League and the Cup of Cup Winners Cup (now Confederation Cup).

But, he had to battle as hard as he could to achieve all that given his parents didn’t want to see him near any football pitch.

“My becoming a footballer was some remarkable lone battle that involved several risks, including being beaten if ever I was seen playing the game by my strict parents,” said Dinyero.

“It was a tough road.

“Of course, I was talented and even my father appreciated that I had the talent but still he wouldn’t let me play football.

“What he wanted was to see me concentrating on my books and doing well in class. He considered playing football as something which cannot help sustain one’s livelihood.

“So most of the time I would sneak out to play football with friends and I would always get beaten upon return.”

But, soon after he was convinced by David George to join a lower division side, in 1981, Dinyero started to make waves, much to the amazement of his parents.

He joined Black Mambas in 1985 and, four years later, he beat Stanford “Stix” Mutizwa to the Soccer Star of the Year.

“My dream has always been to do well as a coach. Actually, I want to do better than what I did during my playing days,’’ he said.

“I know it has been a while since I started coaching on my own.

“I should hasten to say that we enjoyed each other’s company when I worked together with Lloyd (Mutasa) and Callisto (Pasuwa). Look, these guys are amazing.

“We talk on a daily basis and we give each other advice. I am now in charge of Green Fuel (a Division One side).

“I have assembled a very strong side which will challenge for promotion.

“Of course, I have had some success, as a coach, at Harare City . . . , but, you know I believe the best is still to come.”

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