Dinner to honour top 100 influencers

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Dinner to honour top 100 influencers Walter Chimene

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It is the celebrity night.

Organisers of the Gorindemabwe Frontier influencers dinner have said all is set for the event, with guests confirming their participation.

The dinner, which will also coincide with the 10th anniversary of the organisation is running under the theme, “Celebrating Significance” and will have those who made it in their top 100 influencers attending.

The event is a black tie and red carpet affair and will be held at the Rainbow Towers.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, organiser Walter Chimene said it was much of a mix and mingle event and they were meeting to celebrate after the release of the list of the top 100 influencers.

“The objective of the night is to link up a selected number of people on the list to network with a few associates of the Gorindemabwe Frontier,” he said.

“The platform created by the Gorindemabwe Frontier has enabled strategic research into the dynamics of popular phenomenon in the youth culture matrix. It has become the premier source of power for young Zimbabweans to be recognised, appointed, endorsed in local and regional global circles.”

Chimene said the programme included speeches and entertainment.

“We have keynote speeches from guests of honour and some of the celebrities listed on the top 100 are also going to give testimonials, share their experience in their line of field,” he said. “There is also going to be a dance session, branded introductions and power networking.”

Chimene said the organisation was established to frame the influence trajectory of young Zimbabweans.

“Its mission is to recognize the branded talents of young Zimbabwean pioneers, game changers, history makers.”

Chimene explained the criteria for the 100 Most Influential Young Zimbabweans Under 40.

“The selected people must be pioneers who are reshaping their sectors,,” he said.

“The selected people must be able to convert, in some form or shape, the opportunities created by their brands and must be in projects that are building the next generation, either by design or by association.

“The Gorindemabwe Frontier has an algorithm that does the final rankings from number 1 to number 100. Some of our key lessons in the last 10 years include the potential of young Zimbabweans requires unmatched collaboration, for it to be fully converted to national benefit, acknowledging Brand Zimbabwe which requires a meritocracy system in order for it to be respected by the rest of the world and funding for young entrepreneurs must be anchored in an innovative culture, among others.”

Chimene said there were limited seats and the event was by invitation.

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