Dinha urges farmers to diversify

Dinha urges farmers to diversify Minister Dinha
Minister Dinha

Minister Dinha

Blessings Chidakwa Herald Correspondent
Minister of State for Mashonaland Central Advocate Martin Dinha has urged local farmers to take horticulture seriously because it has the potential to benefit the province since it produces the bulk of juice consumed countrywide.

Speaking during the National Tree Planting Day at Kundai Secondary School in Mazowe last Saturday, Minister Dinha said farmers should diversify their farming to boost business in the province.

“As you are aware, Mazowe provides the bulk of juice consumed in the country. So we should take the National Tree Planting Day seriously in this province to generate a lot of revenue from fruit farming. We should not only be focused on traditional maize farming, but let us mix the two,” he said.

Mazowe community development officer Mr Joshua Mapedza Nyashanu said a total of 3 000 trees were planted in various areas during the National Tree Planting Day. Minister Dinha also urged pupils to preserve their culture regardless of their social background.

“Pupils gathered here today, make sure that you preserve the country’s culture as that is the only way for a better Zimbabwe,” he said.

Minister Dinha challenged pupils to excel in school despite their backgrounds.

“I was born in a rural area and grew up in that set up, but I managed to attain degrees. You can all make it in life if you give your best,” he said.

Minister Dinha also pledged to assist pupils who pass with flying colours at Kundai Secondary School.

“I am going to pay fees for 10 pupils who manage to achieve five As in their final year Zimsec examinations at Chipundira High,” he said.

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