Diarrhoea outbreak hits Chegutu

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The Chegutu Municipality has clashed with its residents who are accusing it of causing a diarrhoea outbreak in the town after it supplied them with dirty tap water for a number of days.

Residents from Umvovo Suburb were the most affected, with a sizeable number seeking medical treatment at Chinengundu Clinic.

Chegutu Mayor Councillor Henry Muchatibaya confirmed the diarrhoea outbreak last week, but denied that council was supplying residents with contaminated water, saying tests conducted on the water proved that it was safe for human consumption.

“We are aware of the diarrhoea outbreak, but that does not mean the water we are giving our residents is contaminated.

“It was tested in the laboratory and the results are showing that it is safe for drinking,” he said.

The residents said they were now fearing a recurrence of a cholera outbreak since the town has been plagued by outbreaks over the years, with the last claiming the lives of five people at the beginning of 2018.

A resident of Umvovo Mr Tafadzwa Vhore said diarrhoea cases were high in the area.

“At Kaguvi Primary School area, my brother was among the first people to be diagnosed and he spent almost the whole week at home.

“My neighbours, including a minor, were also admitted at Chinengundu Clinic where they were given medication such as Metrol.

“I do believe if a survey is carried out, a lot of households have victims who suffered or are suffering from diarrhoea. As I speak, a number of people have resorted to borehole water for drinking because the water coming from our taps is smelly and contains dirty particles,” he said.

Combined Chegutu Residents and Ratepayers Association chairman Mr Moffart Tembo accused council of dragging its feet following the diarrhoea outbreak.

“In Pfupajena Suburb at house number P322, the tap water has a greenish colour, while the house owner is vomiting and has diarrhoea,” he said.

A resident from Pfupajena C section who preferred anonymity said their water had a rusty colour.

“For more than five days now we have been receiving dirty water and we reported the issue to council, but there no improvement yet,” said the resident.

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