Devolution to get more funding President Mnangagwa’s vision, the Central Committee said is to further avail resources towards the modernisation of the health, education and arts sectors, as well as having a total economic turnaround and ensuring, massive improvements in the daily lives of the people. 

Herald Reporter

The Zanu PF Government will ensure that all projects started under the Second Republic will be completed on time and also accelerate the modernisation and industrialisation of rural areas, President Mnangagwa said.

The President added that rural areas will be prioritised in terms of funding from devolution and other related funds to improve the infrastructure and services to people living in those areas in line with the mantra of leaving no place and no one behind.

President Mnangagwa who is also Zanu First Secretary said this in Gweru on Saturday in his closing remarks during the 20th revolutionary party’s annual people’s conference.

He said the party’s devolution agenda was transforming lives across the country given that locals decide development project priorities in their given area unlike in the past where decision making was centralised mostly in the capital Harare.

Under the programme, funds are disbursed by Government to local authorities countrywide to fund various development projects of community choice.

This has funded, among other things, construction of health facilities, schools, roads, boreholes and irrigation schemes for the common benefit of communities.

“Through this agenda, a marked transformation in the infrastructure landscape across districts is evident for everyone to see. During this new term, and as encouraged by this conference, devolution projects will receive greater support to improve the quality of infrastructure and services for our people, particularly those in rural areas.

“Our Zanu PF Government will equally ensure the delivery of quality services and that all projects are completed on time, in keeping with the culture of the Second Republic,” President Mnangagwa said.

“The devolution and decentralisation agenda carries with it our enduring revolutionary philosophy (of) power to the people.”

He said apart from seeking to develop and empower all communities across the country, devolution was also a way for Zanu PF to repay the public for supporting it when it waged an armed struggle to end the repressive Ian Smith colonial rule.

“Let us, therefore, solve their (rural communities) needs and keep their development aspirations in mind. In addition, harnessing their comparative advantages to accelerate rural industrialisation is of paramount importance,” President Mnangagwa said.

In doing so, he said, Government ministries their various agencies will work closely with traditional leaders to ensure devolution projects were carried out properly and effectively on the ground.

He paid tribute to traditional leaders for fostering peace and unity and taking an active role in national development programmes.

“Going forward, we will continue to depend on traditional leaders throughout the country, as custodians of our culture and unique values and norms. Under our Zanu PF Government, ministries, departments, agencies and all our local authorities will continue to work hand in glove with our traditional leadership,” he said.

The conference was held under the theme “Towards Vision 2030 through Devolution, Industrialisation and Modernisation” which the President said provided enormous motivation for every party cadre to remain focused and consistent in the implementation of programmes and projects that uplift the standard of living across communities.

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