Devolution funds spur development in Mutoko

27 Aug, 2021 - 00:08 0 Views
Devolution funds spur development in Mutoko Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution for Mashonaland East Province Aplonia Munzverengwi.

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Victor Maphosa in Mutoko

MUTOKO Rural District Council channelled devolution funds towards uplifting living standards of the people in the district in education and health sectors.

Further, the rural district council has used some of money from its coffers towards improving service delivery for the residents of the fast-growing Mutoko business centre, with the authorities now pinning their hopes on their competitiveness to be accorded a town status.

Recently, the RDC completed two school blocks for a new primary school in the western suburbs of Mutoko business centre using devolution funds.

The completion of the two blocks was followed by the commissioning of the Chitora Primary School to ease pressure on other primary schools at the business centre.

The blocks were recently commissioned by Mashonaland East Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution Senator Aplonia Munzverengwi.

Mutoko South legislator Cde Hebert Shumbamhini commended the council for channelling the devolution funds towards developmental projects for the benefit the communities.

“I am happy that now there is a hardworking and transparent management at Mutoko RDC that is poised for uplifting the standards of people,” he said.

 “A leadership which is focused. The new school falls under my constituency and it is a positive move.

“As the legislator for Mutoko South, I also call upon the council to focus on offering A Level classes. 

“There are no high schools in my constituency.”

In an interview with The Herald after the commissioning of the blocks, acting chief executive officer for Mutoko RDC Mr Cuthbert Ndarukwa said the project was meant to improve access to primary education and alleviate the current deficit of primary schools in Mutoko.

“Due to the rapid growth of Mutoko, Mutoko Rural District Council in liaison with the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education saw it as a necessity to construct Chitora Primary School on the western side of Mutoko,” he said.

 “We discovered that there are no adequate primary schools in Mutoko and the majority of the children attend schools that are very far away from their homes, hence the 2×2 classroom blocks will capacitate close to 150 infants.

“We are concerned with enhancing access to primary and secondary education in Mutoko.”

Mr Ndarukwa thanked President Mnangagwa for spearheading the devolution agenda to achieve the middle-income economy status by 2030.

Council also procured a borehole drilling rig to address water challenges within the district.

“The borehole drill rig was recently procured at a total cost of $23 million,” said Mr Ndarukwa. 

“The borehole drilling rig will go a long way in increasing access to portable water to the people of Mutoko.

“Climate change coupled with the geographical location of Mutoko district calls for efforts to mitigate water challenges.”

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