Develop a winning mindset

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Develop a winning mindset

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Arthur Marara Point Blank

Failing does not make you a failure. You only fail when you give up.

This is the point that need to be repeated over and over again. Trapped within every failure is a winner. There is a winner in each and every one of us.

Champions are simply losers who refused to settle for failure. They refused to be victims of their past. They refused to be history, but they chose to make history and be part of history. The sad part of the lives of many people is that they settle for average; they have no ambitions for a greater future.

What even induces fear is when people give up on their lives, and the only thing they wait for is death.

There is more that you can do with your life. I do not want you to wake up and feel hopeless and helpless and consider your future as subject to the demands and whims of fate.

You can take charge of your life, and you can unleash the winner in you.

I once settled for average

The temptation for many people is to think and believe that I started where I am now.

To date I have written countless articles, I have written over 20 books and more are still coming. I have had innumerable radio appearances this year alone; I have spoken to thousands of people in live audience and through the internet broadcasts.

Behind this story there is a story. The greater part of my life was one of mediocrity. I lived average, talked and did average.

I never knew that I could do better with my life. I just wanted to cross the half mark.

When my examinations results came, I just wanted to know how many subjects I had and never the quality of the symbols. I failed English language for a full year, and only came out with a “C” in my final Ordinary Level examinations.

My life turned around, the moment I realised, that I had the potential and the capacity to do better. Ever since that time, I do not look down upon myself, and I want you to stop looking down upon yourself.

With no background in public speaking whatsoever I have developed myself into a speaker of note. There is a champion in you!!

Winning starts in the mind

Great psychologist William James, once said, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.”

You cannot experience victory when all that you see is defeat. The mind is a powerful instrument which you can use to dictate the course of your life. King Solomon, once said, “As he thinks in his heart so is he.”

In Proverbs 4:23 Solomon says, “Be careful how you think, your life is shaped by your thoughts.”

What do you think about yourself? When you think about yourself; do you see a champion or you see one of the struggling people in the country?

Your thoughts can charge you or can drain you. See the champion you are. Refuse to be influenced by what you see in the now, and choose to hold on to what you see in the future. Your mind has no option but to follow the instruction that you give to it.

One of the greatest comedians of all time Sir Charles Chaplin once said, “You have to believe in yourself, that is the secret. Even when I was in the orphanage, when I was roaming the street trying to find enough to eat, even then I thought of myself as the greatest actor in the world.”

He left a great legacy in the comedy industry because he was not prepared to look down upon himself. He won in his mind. See your future, embrace it.

Guard your mind King Solomon advises us to guard our hearts. What do you feed your mind on? Do you look for stories of unsuccessful people or you look for successful people?

You need to invest in material that grows you as an individual. The way faith is birthed is the same way fear is birthed. It comes by hearing.

When you hear things that encourage, you boost your faith. When you hear things that intimidate you, build your fears. Graduate into a level where you consistently feed your faith and starve your fears to death.

There is so much resemblance between physical diet, and mental diet.

You are a product of what you eat. The food that you eat daily can either feed a disease or fight a disease.

The same applies to what you allow your mind to consume; it can either feed your fears or it can feed your faith.

Champions are diet conscious. Take an audit now; who is speaking into your life every day? What are they speaking about? What value is that adding to you and your goals? Has your faith been boosted or dwindled by what you have been hearing? Why do you not take the strong step of faith and success and make a conscious decision to guard your mind against pollution.

Forget past failures, embrace the future

Do not be stuck in the mistakes of the past. Your past mistakes do not define who you are. Your past mistakes are meant to guide you, and not to define you. We have all failed at some point in time. That simply shows that you are human and most importantly that you were doing something.

Do not be so cautious that you die without doing anything in life. Attempt failure, and look at it as a perfect training ground of perfect things that you can do in the future.

Speak your victory

There is power in the tongue. What you speak, you are fast becoming. Words can dismember you! Words can kill you! Words can immobilise you! Words can work as a tool or as a weapon. They are a tool in the sense of building, and as a weapon in the sense that they kill.

There is a winner in you, speak him out. Speak positively daily about your life and your future. Do not let darkness of the moment dictate the pace of the rest of your life.

The moments of darkness simply indicate that the light phase is near. Be consistently positive, and you will start to see positive change in your life. There is a winner in you! What do you say?

Act like a champion

You cannot live like a defeated person yet you want to be a victorious person.

Champions take action. They do not wish for things to just change, they do not just cry and complain about their situation. They move, they refuse to be stagnant.

Can I challenge you this week? I want you to do something that you have never done before towards your goals? Take the small steps which you have never done. I want you to do it daily and you will see what will happen to you and your goals.

Interact with other champions

The people who surround you are important. Surround yourself with champions and you will be a champion. Hear their story, learn their success story. Success is contagious. Develop a positive mindset from other champions. You can only achieve what God set you to achieve if you manage to work on your environment.

Every successful person understands how important an environment is in life. Psychologists even attribute the environment as contributing to the character of a child. Those who have done agriculture or any related subject will definitely agree with me that for germination to occur there is a certain environment that must be prevalent.

There must be moisture and oxygen. Growth in any area of life is a product of the environment that surrounds the seed. It is quite easier for a wonderful dream to die untapped.

When the environment is bad no matter how good the seed it will not grow. Despite the greatness of your vision if you do not have the proper environment it will not go anywhere. One of the greatest writers, Mark Twain once echoed “Keep away from people who belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great”.

What a piece of advice. I am challenging to follow it. There is a winner in you.

This is the time and season for examinations throughout the country.

If you are a parent or guardian, I want you to share this article with your child who is writing or anyone whom you would want to see succeed.

Challenge them, to unleash the champion in them.

Arthur Marara is a corporate law attorney, keynote speaker, corporate and personal branding speaker commanding the stage with his delightful humour, raw energy, and wealth of life experiences. He is a financial wellness expert and is passionate about addressing the issues of wellness, strategy and personal and professional development. Arthur is the author of “Toys for Adults”; a thought provoking book on entrepreneurship, and “No one is Coming”; a book that seeks to equip leaders to take charge.

Send your feedback to [email protected] or Visit his website or contact him on WhatsApp: or call +263772467255.

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