Determination the key to success

Determination  the key to success Mallon Marume
Mallon Marume

Mallon Marume

Mallon Marume : Cool Lifestyle Writer

A revolution is made by man but man must not forget his revolutionary spirit everyday. Indeed it is a privilege and an honour to stand in front of you today as the overall winner for Africa in the DSTV Eutelsat Star Awards competition. This is a fantastic opportunity to formally celebrate the abundance of talent that exists within the students in a diverse range of areas.This day reflects on past achievements but looks to the future and I am proud of my successes and all our young people through the help of DSTV and Eutelsat as their aim is to help us become confident, responsible and successful members of the community.

The support of my parents Mr and Mrs Marume cannot be overlooked. Without their support I could not have done what I did. They had also the example of many others who, through the years, have worked in the fields and gave us enlightenment and inspiration.

Today I celebrate because I have had results, I have my finds, I have expanded my artistic creativity and enriched my knowledge. Today I thank our sponsors for giving these awards because they know that hard work brings the future closer to all of us.

They have faith in what I did and what they hope I will continue to do. I have turned disappointments into success. Through my efforts I have found the need to carry on.

One most important thing I have learnt in life is never to back down. As I grew up I have faced a lot of challenges which I am still facing today but I don’t give up at all. The payment of my school fees has been the greatest problem my family and I have been facing for the past years.

Despite all those challenges I always keep my aim of becoming a productive person to the word. I keep marketing myself no matter how hard my living conditions are because I do believe that one day I will become someone who can contribute into making our world even a much better place.

No matter how the devil tries to pull me down, I know that with the guidance of our Lord I have got an eye at the back of the head. I learnt something from Great Zimbabwean artist who have always been my inspiration Mr Chikonzero Chazunguza who taught me to use what I have, to gain what I want.

I wish to proceed to university and pursue a career in Art which is something I feel I was born to do. My greatest aim is to become a great artist of all times who will leave a lasting impression on people’s lives.

I wish to raise the flag of Zimbabwe even higher than I have done. I also wish to change the situation of my family for the better. In other words I want to use the talent that God gave me to make our world an even much better place.

Special thanks again to DSTV and Eutelsat for offering such an uplifting, motivating, inspiring and educative competition for us as young people.

I also want to thank the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe in Mutare and and my A-Level Art teacher Mr Pedzeni for grooming me in the art world to become what I am today. Today is my happiest day because I have made my parents proud.

Finally, allow me to urge you to take as your motto the words of Pearl. S. Buck who said, “All things are possible until they are proved impossible and even the impossible may only be so, as of now.” Let this be the standpoint to anyone here present who wants to achieve his or her dream.

Marume is the winner of the 2015 Eutelsat poster competition. He is a student of Mutare Boys’ High School. This is an edited version of his speech during the award ceremony held at his school.

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