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President hails India for Covid-19 medicines

President Mnangagwa yesterday thanked India for a gift of medicines worth US$100 000 to fight the Covid-19 ...

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Deposit rates up

11 Sep, 2019 - 00:09 0 Views

The Herald

Average deposit rates for savings deposits and deposits of 3-month tenor increased to 4,90 percent and 4,87 percent, respectively, during the week ending August 30, 2019. Deposit rates for deposits of 1-month tenor, however, declined by 0,76 percentage points to 4,02 percent, during the same week. This is according to statistics from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

Meanwhile commercial bank weighted lending rates for individual clients increased by 0,13 percentage points to 14,37 percent, during the week under review. Similarly, weighted lending rates for corporate clients increased from 16,77 percent in the previous week, to 18,43 percent during the week under analysis.


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