Demolition of illegal structures continues

Municipal Reporter

The on going demolition exercise continued yesterday in Harare’s Highfield suburb, with the local authority razing down illegal structures at the famous Machipisa area. 

Gazaland area along Willowvale Road in Highfield suburb was the first place to be cleared on Wednesday as Harare City Council intensified its blitz to bring sanity in the city by removing structures encroaching road servitudes 

Illegal structures had sprouted across most suburbs, especially high density areas, that were now breeding spaces for illicit activities such as drug dealings. 

Hordes of people, including children, thronged the streets of Highfield to witness two council earthmovers destroying shacks in the suburb, including illegal carpentry workplaces and vast tuckshops.

A cellphone trading shop that had also illegally connected electricity to Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission Distribution Company at Granrid service station premises was also demolished. 

In the aftermath of the destructtion, a Zesa meter box and electricity cables were left hanging. 

While traders were in a last-minute rush to remove their products, the majority managed to save their valuables. Other traders destroyed their shacks on their own. 

City spokesperson Mr Michael Chideme has since said, “Where people have been given notices, they should do the honourable and move off on their own.” 

In Gazaland, illegal extensions that had encroached the road area were removed while abandoned cars were crushed. 

Most informal traders were in a last minute rush to remove their properties and wares at the once busy area. 

Vehicle wrecks that had encroached on the road servitudes were removed before being crushed. Even a dumped haulage truck on the roadside was removed. 

Other areas destroyed so far include Mbudzi roundabout, Zindoga shopping mall, Waterfalls and the popular Glen View 8 furniture complex. 

The demolition exercise continues today.

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