DeMbare give Denver new role Denver Mukamba

Tadious Manyepo-Sports Reporter

DENVER Mukamba is proving a larger-than-life figure at Dynamos.

The 30-year-old has played limited roles in the field of play for the Glamour Boys so far this season though.

But his influence outside it is proving to be key.

Mukamba has started just a single game in seven outings for Dynamos.

He also made five substitute appearances and he spent the entire afternoon on the bench last weekend in the goalless draw against Triangle.

That triggered protests amongst fans who barricaded the exit at the National Sports Stadium at the end of the tie.

It took Mukamba himself to address the fans who gifted him with cash, as has become the norm, before they dispersed.

And Dynamos, who are shell-shocked with how the fans love Mukamba, have decided to hand the 2012 Soccer Star of the Year a new role at the club.

Mukamba, who is the only remnant from the crop that last won the league title for Dynamos, will become a sales agent for his own replicas as soon as the apparel arrives in the country next week.

The Glamour Boys, who are celebrating their 60th anniversary this season, are on a commercial drive as they bid to become a self-sustaining institution.

And Mukamba, who is arguably one of the most loved Dynamos players ever, could be key to this drive. 

DeMbare are expecting replicas to arrive from the UK on May 15.

But a large consignment will now bear Mukamba’s name at the back with the former Warriors captain expected to sell his own replicas to the fans.

Dynamos have played six times at the National Sports Stadium in seven league matches and after each of those outings, regardless of the result, Mukamba has been splashed with cash by the fans.

Even after the Dynamos Supporters Association, through their secretary general Jane Mushaninga ordered their fans to shun giving individual players cash to avoid possible disgruntlement in the kraal, the calls have apparently fallen on deaf ears as Mukamba continues to receive his “Sunday offerings”.

And the DeMbare executive have decided to move with the tide.

Chairman Moses Maunganidze, who seems to be steering the Dynamos ship towards the right direction with sound decisions revealed yesterday that the midfielder has been given a commercial task at the club.

“As Dynamos, we are very happy to have an influential player in our team like Denver Mukamba.

“I think in recent years, Dynamos have never had anyone who is as influential as Denver is.

“It’s always good to have such figures in your team,” said Maunganidze.

“Look, we are a team which is pushing a commercial agenda and we have seen it fit that we have Denver Mukamba’s shirts available across the country.

“We will also make him our agent to sell his own replicas.

“We believe, beyond any reasonable doubt, that he will be able to sell a lot of his shirts and the club will benefit from that.

“So rather than seeing negativity in his popularity, we have decided to look at the positives.

“We are actually lucky to have a player of Mukamba’s calibre in our squad. We would like to express our gratitude to the fans for loving the player unconditionally.

“They are very right given what Mukamba has done for this club. He is one member of the squad who knows what it takes for the team to win trophies because he has experienced that before. He has played some key roles before and he deserves all the love he is getting from the fans.

“We are making replicas available and the fans can show their support for their favourite player by buying the apparel.

“We will also make available replicas bearing other players’ names as well”.

Some fans are demanding that Mukamba be given sufficient playing time as they believe he can be the team’s X-factor.

With Mukamba mostly playing to the gallery whenever he is given a chance to play, the technical team led by Herbert “Jompano” Maruwa have apparently been cautious in throwing him into the fray.

But Maruwa knows the midfielder’s significance in the squad.

Mukamba has already provided a single assist which helped Dynamos to a 1-0 victory over Hwange on the opening day of the season.

“We know Denver Mukamba is a very good player that is why we signed him.

“He is still in the game and is capable of deciding matches on his own,” said Maruwa.

“It’s not always that he starts on the bench. It all depends on the tactics we want to implement on the day. Sometimes, like in the match against Triangle, we might exclude him not because he is bad but because of the tactics of the day. Otherwise he is very key to our objectives for this season or even beyond.”

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