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DeMbare fans bring cheer to children’s home

16 Jul, 2020 - 00:07 0 Views
DeMbare fans bring cheer to children’s home Delirious Dynamos fans (file picture)

The Herald

Sports Reporter

DYNAMOS’ Harare Chapter supporters continue to show their good side after they donated foodstuffs to 17 underprivileged children at Gogo Jabangwe Children’s Home over the weekend.

The fans sourced foodstuffs worth over $8 000 to bring relief to the Children’s home in the face of hardships posed by coronavirus.

Chapter spokesperson, Thomas Dembo, said although his association was mostly concerned with rooting for their team, they were also obliged to play their social responsibility role.

“We are not mere Dynamos supporters, neither do we operate in a vacuum. We live in a community with ethos and values that have to be respected,” said Dembo.

“Look, Dynamos is a big institution, as such we, as an association, are also a big institution. You can academically separate us from Dynamos but practically we are one thing.

“We feel obliged to also play our role as members of the biggest football institution in the country, to help out where there is a need.

“We live in a society where there are a lot of underprivileged children, some of them with disabilities, and we should put our hand to help out.

“Basically, as an association, we are not only concerned with supporting Dynamos. We are also aware of the weight that we should carry on our shoulders.

“In fact, we have been donating to Gogo Jabangwe’s place in the past few years but we have decided to do so regularly in a single calendar year, especially during this period.

“What we have decided to do as Dynamos supporters is move around, especially in Children’s homes, and see who needs our assistance. We will be doing this during this period. It’s not like we have everything but we just want to share the little that we have.”

Dembo said his organisation were always in touch with the Dynamos executive, and technical team, whom they also help with information when some of their players misbehave in the suburbs.

There are syndicates who have been organising money games with a Premiership Select Side, of late, moving around playing against different teams.

On Sunday, the PSL Select side clashed with Sunningdale Select in Sunningdale with a US$200 cash prize at stake.

“We are all over Harare and we are in constant touch with our technical team,’’ he said. “We know most players, from different top-flight teams, are engaging in money-games.

“If we see some of our players in such games, we talk with them so that they stop engaging in detrimental activities.”

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