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Deciding on the best en-suite for your home

14 Sep, 2019 - 00:09 0 Views
Deciding on the best en-suite for your home For a traditional look, you can opt for classic slipper bath

The Herald

Nyore Madzianike Home and Garden Writer
ARE you undertaking to renovate your house and add to it a touch of elegance and personality, or you are considering selling it? Or you have just decided to spruce up the interior of your home to match with trending styles, and possibly to match with the lifestyle you are having.

A bathroom renovation is the perfect way to increase the overall value of your abode, whether you are staying in the leafy suburbs or on the other side of town. Deciding whether you want your bathroom to have a present-day or traditional look may be one of the mind boggling things to do.

This daunting task of making such a decision might also come with conflicting choices from a spouse, obviously on the type, colour and what will constitute the entire ensuite.

If you are looking for something modern you might want to go for a tub with trendy metallic finish or a bespoke paint job to match the colour of your room.

For a traditional look, you can opt for classic slipper bath.

It is making the rightful choice that brings comfort to the ultimate users of the ensuite that will determine which one to go for. Planning a bathroom is a delicate process as it will also take a toll on one’s mind on the ideas for layout, fixtures and finishes, tiling and tap ware.

The amount of space available for use to accommodate all the necessary fittings, and getting the layout right first time takes careful planning.

This process has seen most people seeking help from professionals, who, more often, come with an extra cost.

Designing a small bathroom or an ensuite is no different from those with vast space in their homes, as the materials and other fittings will all compete for space.

The budget will also quickly come to mind, as it will determine the type and quality of materials to be used on the fittings and the ensuite itself.

With the cost of building materials having been relatively expensive over the years in the country because of the increasing demand as a large number of people are constructing houses in cities, some people have opted for cheaper materials.

This has seen most people crying foul as some of the materials used for either tiling or fittings would soon peel off, defeating the whole purpose of giving the ensuite a touch of elegance.

But there are some, who have defied the increasing prices of building materials, and also never compromised on quality. Mr Trust Mushiwokufa, from Tiles of Africa, and specialising in building materials, said improving one’s adobe requires a lot of considerations.

“Deciding on the type of ensuite one likes depends on the amount of space one would be having at his or her place of residence,” he said.

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