Deceased woman’s lover fights for property

Yeukai Karengezeka
Court Correspondent

A 15-year-old boy is embroiled in a legal battle with his mother’s former lover who is trying to seize a Domboshava residential plot that was left behind by the minor’s late mother.
The boy testified at the Civil Court before Harare Magistrate, Mrs Johanna Mukwesha.
The matter spilled into the court after the deceased woman’s former boyfriend applied for a protection order against the boy’s foster mother, who is also a neighbour.
However, the court could not grant the protection order as it concluded that the application lacked substance.

The court learned that the applicant, Robert Chikanyamberi and the minor’s mother were in a casual relationship.According to the boy, he almost committed suicide out of despair after the applicant began frequenting the property at night with various potential buyers.

However, Chikanyamberi’s attempts were thwarted by the minor’s foster mother, Grace Chiwaya, who intervened to protect him.The minor asked for protection from Chikanyamberi.“I have well-wishers who are willing to sponsor my studies at a vocational center but I can not go because I am afraid the applicant will come in my absence and sell my mother’s property,” he said.

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